Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 11 January, 2009

Mount Kenya – Day 2

Be sure to check yesterday’s update on Day 1 from the mountain

Team + Guides + Porters + Camp Crew

Team + Guides + Porters + Camp Crew

After an early morning text message from Camp 1 to Base Camp Summits Africa operations, Mara’s bags were tracked down in Nairobi. The Summits crew snagged down a porter in Nanyuki, kitted him with extra gear, extra pineapples for the team’s dessert, and plenty of potatoes to add to the menu. He was driven to the park gate at 10am and said he could arrive at camp 2 in just five hours time. Mara has yet to receive the bag but when she does it will be Christmas on the mountain.

Rachel, Brooke, & Gretchen

Rachel, Brooke, & Gretchen

The team left Old Moses Camp at 9am and arrived at Likki North Camp (3950m) at 3pm. The moorland looked very Dr. Suess-like and with help from the guides, the team has enjoyed learning more about the various flora on Mount Kenya, some of which they will not see on the other two mountains.

The camping is said to be five star and they are enjoying the solitude of the mountain as the ranger at the park gate noted they were the only ones headed up that route yesterday. The team says they are being looked after very well and all 12 are in high spirits. It is reported to be getting very cold and one can imagine the team donning their balaclavas and down jackets. They send their apologies out as they have replaced all men with hot Nalgene bottles every night. Nothing like a hot water bottle to curl up with!



  1. Don’t Forget the Gaitors!!!!


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