Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 12 January, 2009

Mount Kenya – Day 3

Team (on left) heading up Mount Kenya

Team (on left) heading up Mount Kenya

Up bright and early at Likki North, the team enjoyed a hot breakfast of eggs, crepes, toast, hot porridge and baked beans. Plenty of carbs to get them up to the next camp, Shiptons at 4200m (14,000ft).  They left camp at 9am and arrived at Shipton’s around 1:30pm.  Set in between several ridgelines, Shipton’s Camp is fairly well protected by the wind and has given the team an opportunity to see all three summits. The team described the climb as a departure from Dr. Seuss-land and an arrival into Jurassic Park. The vegetation is extremely exotic and varies from giant groundsel to lobelias.

Rachel, Yvette, Leah, Mara, Toni, & Gretchen at Nanyuki Sports Club (Day before climb)

Rachel, Yvette, Leah, Mara, Toni, & Gretchen at Nanyuki Sports Club (Day before climb)

The report from Shipton’s is that it is likely to snow, however, as of 5pm, the sun is shining and the view of the summit is beautiful. The weather begins to be less and less predictable at this altitude and the team is beginning to feel the affects of less oxygen.  Though their appetites may be less, their metabolism has likely doubled. The guides are continuing to encourage the team to eat a lot and stay hydrated. The head guide, Paul Kanja, made an early morning report that some of the women were experiencing headaches, however, by afternoon all seemed to be doing well.  Twice a day the guides monitor the team’s heart rates, breathing rates, and blood oxygen levels.  A late afternoon report from the team said that all are in good spirits still and in harmony with one another.

Ali testing her blood oxygen level at base camp

Ali testing her blood oxygen level at base camp

The team will be attempting Point Lenana, Mount Kenya’s trekking summit in less than 34 hours.



  1. Glad to see Brooke has made it safely above the Giraffe line!!

  2. Love you Brooke. Thinking about every minute of your climb. So proud of your brave spirit and compassion. Love, mom

  3. Hey Sammy! Great trekking keep it up and love getting your messages, thinking of you and hope you are having a ball.

    Good luck on Point Lenana – i know you can do it!

    Love Prudie xxxx

  4. Brooke, we received this urgent communication today.

    To: Brooke the Bully
    From: Nairobi-Kenya Giraffe Centre
    Re: Threatened Legal Action Concerning certain Malicious, False and Slanderous statements about “Kelly the Gentle Giraffe”
    We represent Kelly the Giraffe. We understand that you are spreading vicious lies about our client. Let’s make one thing clear, Miss Brooke, YOU hit our client. Do you have any idea how expensive neck braces and seemingly “unending” chiropractic treatments are for giraffes? We have painstakingly investigated this matter, including, inter alia, interviewing all the other giraffes present at the scene of the alleged altercation. They all confirm Kelly’s side of the story. Kelly’s self-esteem has been shaken to the core. Tragically, she can no longer hold her head up high like she use to. We are fully prepared to litigate this matter to the fullest and will swat you like a fly (or, at least, knock you to the ground like a 3peaks team member). However, since we recently discovered that you are from New York, the epicenter of litigious activity for the entire world, we are prepared to settle on the following terms without the need for expensive and time consuming court intervention.
    (1) Kelly has instructed us to “donate” $250 to your personal 3peaks charity website (we note for the record that, unlike you, the other 3peaks team members are nice and gave Kelly food);
    (2) you will write a heartfelt letter of apology to Kelly (feel free to add food this time);
    (3) you will stop being a “cheapskate” and will never again visit a giraffe compound without food for the giraffes; and
    (4) henceforth, you will tell everybody how pretty and well mannered Kelly is (as well as the other giraffes) and that the whole episode was, as they always say in Hollywood and Washington, a complete “misunderstanding” (and your fault).

    Kelly feels your pain and anxiously awaits your confirmation of acceptance.
    PS:(By the way, the word’s out, don’t turn your back on our friends, the Zebras.)

  5. TO: ALI

    Hey Sis,
    Is this you?! Happy birthday for tomorrow!
    Luv JES x


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