Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 14 January, 2009

Mount Kenya – Summit Day (Day 5)

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya

Without hesitating… A massive congrats to the entire team as a report has just been received stating each and every one has made it to the summit of Mount Kenya – Point Lenana (4985m – 16355 ft)!!!!

A full report will be posted by the girls tomorrow – along with a gallery of photos from the mountain.

All comments and thoughts received will be given to the girls for the trip from the base of the mountain tomorrow to Nairobi where they will overnight before heading across the border to Tanzania.

This is a massive achievement for the team and much excitement all around~!


  1. Yippee! Yea!!!!! Congratulations and Way to Go Ladies! We are all so excited and thrilled for each and every one of you. What a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you must be feeling as a team with a powerful vision. Big Warm Hugs, Cindy

  2. Katherine, Congratulations on making it to the summit! We love and miss you and are thinking of you all the time. I’m so glad we can follow your progress through this daily blog.
    Much love,

  3. Congratulations to all!!!! So thrilled for you Brooke!! Now get the heck down and enjoy the 80 degree weather in Africa again!! We are freezing here in NJ and want to think of you back at sea level warm & toasty!!!!! Love you, mom

  4. Mara and all you other Great Ladies — superb. Everyone one of you!! We are thrilled.

  5. nicole and all your team mates,
    well done, 1 down, 2 to go.
    have a safe trip down and a good rest before going up again, still 40 degrees here!
    love mum.

  6. Rachel,
    Great news! Congratulations to you and your mates. Can you believe you just climbed Mt. Kenya? Now you can get back to the nice warm temps of Nairobi. Our high tomorrow is supposed to be 7 degrees–brrr. You picked a great time to be in Africa. Love, dad and mom

  7. BEVO!!!!!!!!!
    You made it!!!!! 1 down 2 to go! Congats to all the 3peaks team members!!!! I can barely believe that you are in the middle of this grand adventure! We are all thinking about you a lot and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to stop at random times during the day and wonder what you are doing and how its going…. I send you a prayer and a we are all with you in spirit…. ROCK ON BEVO!!!!!!!!!

    ps whos Rachel? tell her I am single!

  8. Well done Everyone!!

    Luce, I’m really enjoying following your trip on here – vicarious travels. And what an achievement! Hope you get to take some cool photos, xx

  9. Brookie!
    Congratulations! I couldn’t be more proud of you. I know you will be the one saying “Stay on my hip!” in the Adirondacks this summer!
    To all members of the ’09 3P3W team: WELL DONE! You are unstoppable!

  10. Yay Katty! Way to make it to the top! I’m so proud of you, you are amazing! I just found this blog today, so I’ll be checking up on your daily progress. Hope all is well! Hugs and kisses from Denver, the ski condo misses you!

  11. Well done! Congratulations to all of you! Mara, if the kittens could talk, I’m sure they’d say the same, except to ask if you hunted any mice while climbing. I hope any sickness was minor and that the thrill of success has erased the tough moments! Enjoy the sunshine, it’s 30 degrees here. Can’t wait to hear more!! Love, Mom

  12. Congratulations! We are so thrilled to hear the fantastic news of your success on Mount Kenya. It is great to hear you were all there together and are having such a great time. We are all thinking of you and following your progress daily. Love to all the team, guides and porters and enjoy the rest period – you deserve it. Oh, and indulge the hot chicken and chips with a cold Tusker.

  13. Incredible Bevo! I’m sure it was tough but you dominated that mountain in the end! Excellent work! I’ve been checking out you and your team’s progress each day! I love it!
    Much love, Sarah

  14. congratulations to everyone especially to gretchen, hugs and kisses-j

  15. congratulations kaki!!!
    i am so impressed that you went from being sick upon arrival in africa to successfully climbing the first of the 3 peaks! i can’t wait to see pictures. i’m sure they are breath-taking. now get some rest and fuel up for the next one!!

  16. Hey Luce, Millie Moo has one achievement for each peak you climb. The first is standing up (tick). The second is putting her hands on her head (working on it). The third is walking (stay tuned)! We are thinking of you here in cold and snowy NJ every day and night and making every step of each climb with you. Take lots of magnificent photos so we can relive the great adventure & achievements with you. We are so proud. Love, J, V & A.

  17. Congratulations Brooke!!!!
    Wow, I am feeling so lazy right now, my accomplishments this week are definitely sub-par compared to yours 🙂 A big congrats to your entire team, 1 down only 2 more to go!!!
    Can’t wait to read more updates, cheers to you 🙂

  18. Kudos to you all! What a fabulous accomplishment.
    Hugs and more to each of you young women. Big special hug and outpouring of love to you, Leah. Feel my arms wrapping you up.

  19. Congratulations Ali darling, and to all the team. We have been reading the team’s progress daily, and looking forward to the photos.

    Love Mum xxxxooo

  20. Congratulations Kak! That’s quite an accomplishment, seriously. Best of luck on the next one.

    oh, and you had better be taking an enormous amount of photos with my camera.

  21. Congrats, Katty!! So impressed. Enjoy the way up and best of luck on the next climb!


  22. Way to go Girls! You smashed it! Awesome achievement!

    Love prue xxx

  23. Congratulations Ali and the rest of the girls. You are amazing!! I have been reading the daily reports with great interest and look forward to following you on the rest of your adventure..

    Love Julie, Paul, Nick, Marisa and Jake

  24. Nicky Noodle – Awesome news! Congratulations… Love reading your progress whilst sitting at my desk drinking a coffee… If I could transport a coffee to you I would… Can’t wait to see the photos of you dancing around the peak! Keep inspiring everyone back here melting away at home 🙂 Lise

  25. Brooke… OUTSTANDING! Kudos to all the Team, porters and support staff! What a wonderful accomplishment and brilliant way to focus attention on the 3peaks causes. One down, two to and recharge!
    Brooke, we are all excitedly monitoring the blog site daily and are extraordinarily proud of you.

  26. Hi Rachel, We just wanted you to no that we are keeping up with you on the 3 peeks, We hope you are enjoying the climbing and makeing new friends . We are fine and send all our Love Gma and Gpa Burwell Be safe.

  27. Hi Kak,

    Wow. I’m very proud and very impressed. And its even an ocassion for my first ever blog comment! i definately didn’t get your technological gene as, amazing as it may seem, MOM had to show me how to do this.
    Anyway, the important thing is that you got my mountain climbing gene!
    great work,

  28. I bow in awe of all you young woman. Way to go! Leah, I remember when you were in eighth grade and coming with me to Europe. Your mom spoke to me privately and said if I didn’t bring you back home alive and well, she would kill me! I sure am thinking of your guides at this time. I can’t imagine what she has said to them!!
    Keep it up, ladies!

  29. Congratulations Brooke and the rest of the 3 Peaks Team! Keep up the great work!

  30. Hey Gretchen, way to go. I am so proud of you and all the girls. I can’t even imagine how exciting this must be. Jason called about this site
    so am thrilled I can keep watch.
    Miss you, Hugs and kisses, Mom

  31. hey brooke!!!!!!! congrats cousin!!!!!!
    your so brave,i could never do that!
    do they have icecream in africa?
    look out for the giraffes, they are mean to you!!!
    good luck brooke , pop pop would be so proud!!!
    love, julieanne

  32. Jambo Luce! Habari yako? Wapi wewe sasa?

    We have just discovered the ‘blog’ and news that the team have conquered Mt Kenya – yeah!

    Salaams mingi and big hugs to all the girls – we have sent the blog link to all your Sydney/Canberra supporters who we have an email address for – we are so proud of the team – have a Tusker for us!

  33. You rock on the big rocks Luce!!!!

    Congrats on making it to the top. An amazing achievement for you and the team. So glad all made it up.

    xoxo, Andrew

  34. Awesome accomplishment ladies!
    Gretchen I am SOOO proud of you… you are such an inspiration.
    I can’t wait to hear your stories when you get back. Please take lots of pictures of cool African birds for me!

  35. Congratulations to you Gretchen and to all your teammates on this great accomplishment!!! Your Mom just called and told me about this site and I am in awe of all that you girls have done! I will continue to follow your trip and live your dream with you!

    We love and miss you Pooh! Aunt Judee

  36. Lovely Luce Watson – Campbell and I are thinking of you! You must be on top of the world! Well done!

    Nel xxx

  37. Yay Katherine! Congratulations girlie! I’m so proud of you! Ditty just passed this blog site on to me and I can’t wait to track you! One down! You’re amazing. Good luck. Miss you!
    Dana 🙂

  38. Sammmmmy. well done and congratulations miss you, am enjoying my country holiday and even caught a rabbit. xxxLloyde

  39. Congratulations Darling well done only 2 to go now. All that excerising over Christmas has paid off!!!Enjoy the cold as it is 42 degrees here today. Lots of love Dad Mum and Phantom.

  40. Hey Yvette!!

    Congratulations on conquering the first Mt!! Well done! You and the whole team are truly inspirational, keep up the good work. Good luck for the other two mountains, we’ll be watching from here waiting anxiously for the next instalment! Travel safe.


  41. Way to go Yvette!!!
    I checked the site a week or so ago and there were no updates then so I’m very happy to now read all is going so well on your massive adventure. Congrats Luv on Mt no. 1….only 2 left….a piece of cake. Just imagine Tomby and Riley pulling on their leads helping you up.
    We’re thinking of you.
    Love Kristen, Christian, Isaac, Leith and Morgan. xxxxx

  42. Congratulations Yvette and the rest of the team… Keep it up and the rest will be EASY….
    Thinking of you,
    Charlotte xxx

  43. dear Brooke, just checked your donation page on save the rhino. Appears a donation from Kelly A. Giraffe has come in as part of settlement to push your total even higher!!! Check the webpage yourself!!

  44. WoW! Congratulations to all involved! I am sure you were all high in both body and soul!! Brooke you did it!! You are an inspiration!! Recharge and relive the thrill!

  45. Dear Ali, congratulations to you and all the girls on conquering that first big one!
    You are such a brave and amazingly generous-hearted group to undertake this journey, and we have enormous respect for you.
    Safe travels and loads of great adventures for the next two!
    Lots of Love, Marg, John, Tara (from Mexico) & Nick xxxx

  46. BROOKE!!! Woooo Hooooo!! I have been reading everyday… so excited for you! Aderondacks is but a mole hill now!! haha. Ankle sprain was completely worth the training support to get you where you are now. Cant wait to see pictures… have loved your cameos thus far – lookin gooooood. Congrats on Kenya. I will be reading and chearing you on through the rest!


  47. Go Gretchen!!!

    just know everyone at the office is cheering you on Bud…WOOOOOOO

  48. WOW! Beevo, you are my hero!!! Congrats to you and all the girls! 1 down, 2 to go…can’t wait for you to come home so I can hear about all your adventures in person! Thinking of you! xo

  49. Hey Luce, congrats on achieving peak 1! An amazing achievement and I can’t wait to follow your progress of the next 2. I can’t wait to see you in Dubai and to see all your amazing pics of your journey. Thinking of you and travel safely.
    Janie xox

  50. Brooke! Congrats!!! I just read your email and could not be more proud and excited for you and the girls! I actually teared up (you know me) reading about your flag and pin and reaching the top! I am in awe of all of you ladies and we’re all rooting for you guys to have the experiences of your lives. Love to you all!!!!


  51. Fine start miss watson .. as always impressed .. for your next trick I dare you to summit Mt Meru blindfolded, without guides, rope or gloves, maybe even in flip flops .. seriously .. that would rock .. hope you love being back in the continent of your formitive years!

  52. Congrats!!!! Gretchen enjoy your expierience. Cheering you on at LA LIVE Mary Ann, David Lopez Scott and Mike

  53. Leah…you beast! Right on!


  54. My most sincere congratulations to all of the ladies!! Brookie, I am SO incredibly proud of you! I’m checking your progress daily and thinking of you all of the time. I have no doubt that you’ll do as fantastically summiting the next two mountains and can’t wait to hear about every amazing step the minute you get back. Big, big hug!

  55. Whoohoo Luce! Great stuff! Congratulations to you and all the team! Well done! What an achievement. You must all be so proud (and breathless). You will fill the next newsletter with all your photos and highs. Everything else put in it will pale into insignificance after this success. Good luck for the next two. We are all barracking for you.
    love Kaye

  56. CONGRATULATIONS TEAM!! You did it…what a great achievement to have all made it.
    It is onwards and upwards from here…one down teo to go.

    Thinking of you and enjoy a cold Tusker when you get to the bottom!

    Love Anna Brown xx

  57. Brooke! I’m so proud of you and the rest of the girls. I can’t even imagine the feeling of reaching the top of the first mountain….I’m keeping my class updated on your progress. They are so impressed and can’t wait to read more! Keep writing. Love you, girl!

  58. Awesome Rachel!! I love you so much and am so proud of you and the rest of the group. Keep kicking butt and I can’t wait to hear from you. Enjoy the hike down and a couple of days off.

  59. Noodle – go you good thing ! It sounds so tough but your a champ for making it. So proud of you chicken ! Stay strong and be positive !!!! Love ya. Trace xxx

  60. Smashing effort Noodle!!! – Can only get easier now! – We are cheering for you from here in QLD!.. Miss you!!! x x

  61. Congrats to all the girls! Great effort!

    Mara – I expected nothing less from a CU grad who hikes 14ers for breakfast. You’re amazing!


  62. YEAH HEY LEAH! & Fellow adventuring coharts!!! Such a vicarious pleasure. Congratulations for your acheivment. Never a doubt from this end. Light right back atcha Leah. You rock! Peace and Love, Jody

  63. Murphy only just worked out the posting thing, as you know I am very technologically inept! Congratulations conquering the first mountain, I am so proud of you! Goodluck for the next one, looking forward to hearing all about it. Love lots xo

  64. we post updates every day at our office. Go for the gold.

    should be down today…….one down two to go!!!

    mary ann, dave. scott. mike


    enjoy and rest for the next one on sunday

  65. GO GRETCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Mt. Kenya sounds tough and awesome! Glad to hear the whole group made it. That must have taken a lot of stamina and strength. We hope you continue riding high!

    Take care,
    Mike and Jen


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