Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 20 January, 2009

Mt Meru – Day 3


An update to the information posted below.  We have still not spoken directly to the team, but the text message received earlier stated that all girls made the summit of Mount Meru this morning, Tuesday January 20.

However, the weather has taken a turn for the worst and the rain is pouring down.  In this situation, the guides will either make a decision to remain at Saddle Hut where mobile coverage is limited, or descend to Miriakamba.  They are expected off the mountain tomorrow where they will meet with students from the School of St Jude for a game drive through Arusha National Park.

Thankfully, the girls will have two rest days between Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro which will allow adequate time to clean equipment and dry boots.  Although, they will be busy meeting with Support for International Change and visiting community project and mobile HIV/AIDS testing units.

As soon as we hear any further news we will update this blog.


Posted earlier today

If all went as planned, the team would have been woken up around 1:30am with tea and coffee brough to their tents.  From there they would begin putting on many layers of clothing and their day packs, leaving the rest of their gear behind.  The summit bid can take anywhere between 4-8 hours up, and 2-6 hours down.

Having not received a text from Saddle Hut, all of the teams support from below has been waiting anxiously to hear word.

I wish I could provide more info, but, the info I have received is that THEY HAVE ALL SUMMITED!!!!

Details to follow…





  1. Congratulations! Brilliant news to hear of your success on Meru – Two down, one to go!

  2. Yey – fantastic news everyone. Well done on your first climb Fi, hope you have fun at the Meru top and enjoy a speedy descent!! The pics look fab, love Sarah xxx

  3. mbili! well done to all!

  4. Yay Brooke!! We’re all rooting for you.

  5. Hurrah, Brookie! So thrilled for you to have reached the second peak…keep up the fantastic work. Wishing you lots of rest in the days before your final climb and sending a big hug from Texas!
    xo, Logan

    Great work! I am very proud of you all!
    Rest up and finish off this last one!

  7. Great news Fiona.Keep up the good work everyone.Get plenty of rest before the next one . Big hug Fiona.Love Kirsten xx

  8. From all of us here at Save the Rhino: WELL DONE EVERYONE! Was out of the office all day at a meeting and have only now got the news that you al summitted! We are all so proud of you – great guts, amazing legs and wonderful hearts. To all the American members of the team: Happy Inauguration Day! To the Australians: I’m sure you’ll beat us in the Ashes again. To Rhino Fi: You’re a credit to us all. Looking forward to hearing all about it. xxCathy

  9. good job gretchen and team! hope your keeping warm and enjoying the rain. today is a good day indeed, you make the summit and for your troubles you get a new president – love you, hugs and kisses -j

  10. Fantastic news Rachel and team. Powerful hearts, lungs and as mentioned above, legs! You have the love and support of so many. We hope that you are good and dry by the time you read this. We are thinking of you with love and admiration.

  11. Great news – well done everybody!
    Pleased all went well, Fiona. We’re all rooting for you. Enoy the rest – now on to the next one!!
    Love Mum, Dad and Rich xxx

  12. Hurray!!! Only one more to go, the biggie!! Hope weather clears swiftly and to hear from you all on the ground. Keep dry Brookie!!! Love, mom

  13. Wonderful news!!! Congratulations to all!! Hope the rain is gentle with you and your trip down is safe and uneventful. The Inauguration was inspirational here in the States – evoking a deep sense of loving community, hard work and joyful hope ahead. You are living that in what you are doing there – enjoy the children in their joy for you and the school when they welcome you back. Rest, rest, and rest as you begin your connection SIC and their work. We love you all!!!

  14. Congratulations on Mt Meru to all the team. I hope the weather improves for you and you enjoy the couple of rest days ahead. Love Ali’s mum

  15. Top job girls! That is brilliant, you must all be feeling fantastic – congratulations on a huge effort! much love prue xxx

  16. Brooke, you made it, congrats and only one more to go! Sorry for being MIA these past few days, we were up in Maine for a bit of skiing and can’t wait for our Daks weekend 🙂 Stay dry, warm and safe – I’ve got my fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy and can participate in the final climb – I hope Yvettes’s feeling better 🙂 xoxo Sarah – & Reed too even though he has yet to post a comment, he told me to tell you he’s thinking about you!! 🙂

  17. to nicole and all the team and porters,
    a wonderful job well done!!
    take advantage of the rest and look forward to the last challenge, so proud of you nicky.
    Unkie has sent you blogs but i only just found them!
    love mum. xxxx

  18. Mazel Tov Brooke! Keep up the good work 🙂 The inauguration today was amazing to watch. I thought of you and the girls especially when Obama spoke about the importance of service. You girls are the ultimate service rockstars! Two down, One to go! xoxo

  19. Way to go Kak!! I read that it was pouring – I’ll be glad when you and the team are safe and dry.
    We’re all so proud of you!
    Love, Mom

  20. Kak, way to go!!
    I read that it was pouring – can’t wait for you and the team to be safe and dry. We’re all so proud of you! love, Mom

  21. Congratulations Gretchen and teamates.
    Another goal reached even in the rain.
    Obama’s speech sounded great!
    Rest up….Love, Mom

  22. Congratulations and WAHOO!
    Rest. You have earned it.
    Hugs all around.
    Love to you all..
    special squeeze for Leah.

  23. Hey Luce et al, congrats! J, V & A








  25. Congratulations to you Gretchen and all your teammates on conquring Mt Meru! I can not even begin to imagine how terrific that must feel! I hope you didn’t get to drenched on the way down and that everyone arrived safely. Get some rest and get ready for the “big one”!!!!!

    Love you lots!

  26. Congratulations ladies! Brooke, I am so proud of you! I can’t wait to hear more about this amazing adventure when you get back to New York.

    I wish all of you lots of rest and good luck on your final climb.


  27. We know how much effort has gone into your success to date.”Well done”, is not enough,words cannot explain,just a great sense of hope for the future.We are enjoying your achievments.
    Lots of love the Chick family.

  28. Well done Ali and all the girls. Two down, one more to go. Here’s hoping the weather improves for you.

    All the best…Julie, Paul, Nick, Marisa and Jake

  29. wohoo Noodle!! well done on a successful round 2 – you and the crew are doing fabulously well! We’re all so proud of you back home, not to mentioned impressed beyond words! Enjoy your rest days and stay focussed for the final sumit. Thinking of you honey and sending plenty of positive thoughts your way!
    Dan xx


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