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22 January 2009 – a day of rest and catching up with Support for International Change.

The day started with a bit of R and R – some of the women relaxed around the pool (very nice!), and some had a massage to work out some of the Mt Meru knots. Very indulgent, but we figure that it is deserved.

Some of the women went shopping in down town cosmo Arusha at a artists co-op, and picked up some pretty nice stuff (some for gifts, some for keeps). Immediately after lunch we all got together and headed off to Support for International Change (SIC), one of the benefiting charities of the event. SIC focuses on regions and communities that are not serviced by other organisations. The staff provide HIV/AIDS testing, education, and awareness programes in the following rural regions of Tanzania: Babati, Arusha rural, and Meru districts.

As part of the afternoon’s activities, Yvette volunteered for an HIV/AIDS test during a role play with the SIC staff. We were all impressed by the time and cost effective testing process used by SIC (and yes, Yvette has a clean bill of health).

The money raised by the 2009 team is being used by SIC to test 20,000 people for HIV/AIDS, and provide care for 250 people who have tested positive. The care provided includes the provision of soap, multivitamins, and mosquito nets. The need for more funds for this organisation is very apparent, and the team are very pleased to see the funds we have raised being utilised in such an effective manner.

Late this afternoon, some of the women received some rather excellent formerly loved garments they had bought in the days before and had sent off for dry cleaning. Sam was particularly chuffed with her pink down jacket, with pristine ‘ski bunny’ faux fur collar – Mt Kili wont have seen anything like it!

Yvette, missing her dogs terribly, ended up at the Summits Africa office, getting some fuzz therapy from Ruger and Kili, the company’s guard dogs. Both dogs are really healthy and happy, but could do with a little spa treatment, so she has promised to send some delux doggy wash from Australia when she returns home.

In anticipation of Ali’s birthday tomorrow, we are all heading out to a club in Arusha to celebrate and shake our groove thing. The club, Via Via, is run by a bunch of funky rastas, and hopefully a good time will be had by all, particularly Ali.



  1. Hi Sis,

    It’s the 23rd here already so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    We love climbing too, but Wow, 2 mountains already. Mum has been reading us the blogs so we can keep up to date with your adventure,

    Love you

    Rocky and Miyagi xx

  2. Hey Gretchen!
    Still thinking of you. Sorry to hear you got sick a while back. I hope you are doing better now and have acclimatized. I remember how awesome you did when you and Gayle and I hiked in the Sequoias. I know you will do great on your last mountain!
    p.s. I LOVED the story about your tattoos ; )

  3. Hey Yvette

    Sorry to hear about Mt Meru 😦

    But one more Mountain to go and we know you can do it!! Come on you own that mountain! Do it for your puppies who will be missing you here!

    Good luck to everyone for your last climb, enjoy the experience!

    See you in a few weeks Yvette!


  4. Yvette,
    I hope you’re feeling better and that you’re ready for Kili. Can’t wait to see you soon!

    Good luck to everyone for the last one and Have Fun at Via Via…


  5. Hi Rachel. Sounds like you are getting some rest today,Just take care glad everyone is doing ok Were really proud of everyone Love Grandma and Grandpa Burwell.

  6. Hi Luce – arrived Joburg last night having sighted icebergs on the way! Nairobi tonight lateish- maybe we will see Kili from the air!!! Will try and ring. Congrats to all the team for conquering Meru; glad you are all safe despite weather and road hazards. Happy birthday to Ali!

    L M&D 🙂


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