Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 23 January, 2009

It’s Kili time~!

Yes We Did!      (Summit Meru)

Yes We Did! (Summit Meru)

In just seven hours the team will get a wake up call telling them it’s time to get up, grab some breakfast, and head to the base of Kilimanjaro. Their schedule has been jam-packed with SIC site visits and loading up with last minute snacks for Kili.

The majority of the past two days were spent with SIC, both visiting their office and seeing the work they do first hand in the village.

Today was exceptional and left many on the team speechless.  They were greeted warmly by Ilk’Dinga village, one area SIC has been supporting.  Members of an HIV positive support group came out to spend time with the team – and even welcomed them into their homes.  Pairs of two went with a translator and visited the homes of various HIV+ patients.

Luce and Brooke - Home visit

Luce and Brooke - Home visit

They were able to share stories with the patients and experience Tanzanian hospitality first hand.  The support group formed a choir as well, and spent time sharing songs and dance with the team.  Perhaps even more impressive were their acting skills which they presented in a ten minute long skit performed in the morning.  The skit showcased how much SIC’s support has helped the village and how SIC’s presence has changed stigma, attitudes, and the health of many village members.

3 Peaks hits the football field (in skirts!)

3 Peaks hits the football field (in skirts!)

The team, though saving their energy for Kili, agreed to play a short soccer (football) match against the locals.  They hiked up their skirts, threw on their Salomon runners, and received many applauses from the crowd.  Who would have known Katherine can get so competitive and Sam has no issue running in a skirt?!

Many thanks to SIC for their incredible work and more updates from the visits will be posted as the team heads up Kili.

*~Happy Birthday, Ali!~*

*~Happy Birthday, Ali!~*

Lastly, the team added on some extra carbs in celebration of Ali’s 22nd birthday! And the Summits crew presented her with a giant-size chocolate bar for the days ahead.

Tomorrow will mark the first day of the last climb. It is a difficult one ahead – and many thoughts are with the team as they set out to complete the second annual 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Challenge!

More pictures have been added on the Meru page.  Please continue to send your thoughts out to the team!

The team will be sent a text message via mobile phone each time someone donates over the next week.  So please keep those rolling in.  Every dollar will help fuel them to the summit and help further the work 3 Peaks supports in East Africa.

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  1. So Leah, did the ball handling skills return after all those years since the soccer fields at PHS?
    Friends ask about your trip regularly, and I tell them of the fabulous blog. Yeah Laura!
    Excellent photo of you all cherishing the momentous success on Meru (& here!) Hip, hip, hip,hip hooray!!!!
    I send you all strength and support from far far away. Double doses to our Arizona natives, Leah and Toni (Hi Toni!)

  2. Brooke, we are so proud of you!! Marina wants to bring you to her school, Wayne Elementary School for show and tell (second grade girls or the brownies). Arden wants to know if you can bring home a giraffe, but only a nice one. Sheila wants to go with you next time. Lots of Love and support.
    Sheila, PJ, Will, Marina and Arden

  3. Hi everyone

    All the best for the big one. Yvette – I really hope you get to celebrate your birthday with the best view in Africa!


  4. Dear Brooke, so excited, anxious and proud for you. I know the last climb will be the greatest challenge for you all. Keep strong in body, mind & spirit. Praying for good weather and a successful climb for you and all of the team. You are all awesome women. Can’t wait to hear your daily updates and progress! Love to the entire team and guides! XOXO Mom ps. apologize for not mentioning earlier love and gratitude to the amazing group of guides!!!

  5. hey luce
    so good to hear that you are doing well! very proud of everything you have done so far. Missing you over here and looking forward to hearing the rest!
    love em

  6. gretchen,glad to hear about all your success and triumphs over arduous adversity!what an incredible experience ,you and the team must be having,and the photos are breath of luck,looy forward to seeing you soon. tom

  7. You are all (guides too) in our thoughts/prayers for the duration!!!! The photos are wonderful, touching and inspiring. Holding you all in love and light each step of your way – You are truly ambassadors of connection for us all. Congratulations on what you have accomplished and deep well wishes for the rest of the trip.

  8. Haha, Katherine be competitive??! No way, I don’t believe it. 🙂 Glad to hear you’re doing well and having fun Katty! Miss you girl. XO

  9. Hi Ali

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday. Sorry we didn’t get to the party, but didn’t have correct address.!!!! lol

    Love from 5 brothers 1 passion and Aunty Merri and of course Ron

  10. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!


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