Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 25 January, 2009

Kilimanjaro – Day 2

1/3 of the Kili crew

1/3 of the Kili crew

Today marks the second day of long ascents on Kili.  The team have all arrived safely at the Shira Plateau.  From here they will continue to hike around the mountain, staying relatively at the same altitude, 3800m.

A report came in around 8pm stating that they had hiked through hail, rain, and thunder all day.  They were completely soaked by the time they made it to camp, but their spirits stayed strong. It is our guess that all are doing well, as they were notified from the beginning that Shira Plateau is the last point to turn around easily.  Of course they don’t have to push on to the summit, but it gets more complicated from here out.

Once they made it to camp the sun came out and they spent the afternoon relazing and writing journals.  Rumor still has it that the “hell box” documenting is still progressing nicely.  We look forward to the report!



  1. What troopers!!! Brooke I am so amazed at your and the teams continued strengh and determination. Rain – PAH!! LOL! You gals are incredible! I look forward to reading everyday and sharing in your experinces.

  2. Hurray!! Another day behind you. Hope the rain is behind you as well. Rest and eat well for the days ahead. Love you Brooke. Mom

  3. Brookie,

    I am so proud of you and the team and my thoughts are with you constantly on the final leg of this amazing journey. I cannot wait to see you when you get back!


    P.S. Really looking forward to further “hell box” descriptions!

  4. Brookie!
    I am so proud of the job you and the team are doing. As a little visualization excercise, I promise you a nice spa treatment at the Mirror Lake Inn when you get back! I hope this thought helps you move those legs these last couple of cold and challenging days! You are almost at the home stretch!
    I cannot wait to hear all the stories.
    All my love,

  5. It sounds like it was an interesting day. Hope all
    is well with you and the rest of the team.
    Grandma, Aunt Judee and I are leaving tomorrow
    for Fla so I will have to go to the Savannah to
    use the computer. Should be there by Thurs, will
    be stopping at Megan’s to drop off Sissy.
    I love you, hugs and kisses, your proud Mom

  6. OMG! What an incredible weather day to have to manage. Congrats to all of the team for tackling the elements. Good luck to each of you and Rachel know that we are so proud of you and this amazing challenge that you are dealing with on a daily basis. Hope that you are all nice and dry before you start out in the morning.
    LOL, mom and dad

  7. WOW–what a day–hail and thunderstorms. I just can’t image! Keep on trooping! Looking forward to reading about the summit!

    Aunt Judee

  8. nicole and the rest of the team
    you have done wonderful so far, keep your spirits up and know we are all pushing you forward in our hearts, nicky, you will need a holiday after all this!
    love and cuddles
    mum and dad. xxxxxxx

  9. To Yvette and the team,
    Congratulations for your achievements so far, with the rain… We are all behind you and we hope that the rest of the climb will be smooth and without problems…
    Charlotte xxx

  10. To Fi and team: Well done everyone for getting this far. Sounds like the Summits crew are taking great care of you and I bet that mess tent is a nice place to be in the evenings. Hope spirits stay high as you head up the mountain! Much love from Cathy and everyone at Save the Rhino


    We are all back here eating lamb steaks and having a few coldies for you!!

  12. Hi Fi and everyone, hope day three is going well and the weather has improved. Sitting here looking at my lovely view of the car park from work, I am loving your fab photos (and just a teeny bit envious:) hee!) Good luck and keep smiling!!! Sarah xx

  13. Bebette,
    Amazing, your personality shines through on these updates from thousands of miles away! I can’t wait to hear all of the details when you get back!
    To the team,
    You’re almost there! Congrats, on all you achieved thus far, you should be so proud of yourselves! There are not many people that would give of themselves so selflessly. Keep up the great work and finish strong!

  14. I love your site!

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  15. Hi Jess and mountainers,
    Cannot believe the weather you guys are having or is it expected. Is it better than heat.
    hope you are all well.

    All sounds wonderfully challenging.

    Onward with Lotsa love Mother essles


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