Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 26 January, 2009

Kilimanjaro – Day 3

Team heads up Kili

Team heads up Kili

An update from the team has not yet arrived, but the guides have told us that they are all strong. After 14-15 kilometers of hiking today, one can assume the team is tired and enjoying dinner and then bed.  They are currently at 3950m but throughout the climb they would have reached 4600m.  This brief stopover at a higher altitude will allow the team to better acclimatize.  It is also important for them to sleep lower as it will allow their bodies to recover more quickly from the previous weeks of endurance exercise.



A massive Happy Australia Day to those on the team and those supporting the team! While the Americans forced the Australians to celebrate Obama’s inauguration on Meru….it is now time for the Australians to encourage the Americans to celebrate. If they are luckily, there will be vegemite enough to go around. Our guess is that they have the Australian flag flying high at Barranco tonight.

3 nights down…3 to go!!!



  1. nicky, i am so relieved day 3 is over, we are holding our breaths over next 2 days, keep healthy and take your time!
    our best wishes to all the team, well done girls.
    mum x

  2. Gretchen,

    We are following your achievement down here on level p-2. L.A.Live well represented! hope you and your team all the luck and enjoying every minute while your climbing for a good cause!


  3. Great anticipation here in AZ for the team – and special hugs and energy to Leah and Toni!!! Your determination and focus are evident. Hope you are capturing great views for yourselves and special moments that will last a lifetime. Onward………:-)

  4. Keep going, Fi – nearly there now! Hope the weather is drier. Good luck to you and all the team. You’ve all done so well. Keep your spirits up! We’re all thinking of you. Love Mum, Dad and Rich xxx

  5. Girls – congratulations on everything you’ve achieved so far. You’re almost at the roof of Africa now – I’m very excited for you and hope you all get there together as a team and in good health and spirits. Enjoy every minute – no pain no gain!!

    Niamh (2010 3 Peaks Team)

  6. Brookie… Holy moly I can’t believe you’re almost there! I am so impressed/in awe and no matter what you say I’m sure you’re skin and bones and I can’t wait to fill you with wine and cheese upon your return. Laird can take care of the spa bill… I’ll take care of the bar tab. I am holding down the fort in NYC… watching terrible TV while you save the world. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.
    Love you, miss you, keep going!! you’re fabulous! xoxo morgs

  7. Go girls! Nearly there… keep going!

    Good luck to you all, and all the very best from the rhino office, we’re all thinking of you!

    You rock!

    Petra x

  8. Here we are, twitching away, wondering what the news is from the mountain… Have got all fingers and toes crossed for you all (and consequently finding it very difficult to type or do anything meaningful) and hoping you’re warm and snug in your sleeping bags. Onwards and upwards, but not too much further hey? xxCathy and the rhinos

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