Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 27 January, 2009

Day 4 – Kilimanjaro

Team at Machame Gate

Team at Machame Gate

The team is still strong and still pushing on. Word has it they made it up the Barranco Wall to the Karanga Valley.  The ascent is short but steep.  It is similar to the scrambling on Mount Kenya and there is not doubt their legs will feel the affects of it tonight. Tomorrow they will push on to Barafu Camp where the will spend the evening before heading off for the summit around 11pm.

As they get higher, their text messages to base camp are getting less and less clear. The LIVE updates from the guides typically reach us around 4pm or 5pm as the team gets into camp.  The guides let us know they are safe and all is well (or not), and then around 8pm the team sends an update down which is then posted here.

Because today’s made little sense, it is best to give it to you word for word, and let you help decipher it:

No rain, until well into camp. Tough climbing, all did really well. In fear of tough vertical ahead we aligned ourselves in order, climber, slacker, brooke and sam were not next to each other. Fun day for all, well enjoyed by all, Sam and fiona considered jumping off the mountain after stepping in hell box matter on trail.  Brooke and cat played hackey sack. Nice afternoon hike or nap.  Summit sight.

As you can tell, the team is lacking oxygen.  Wait until they get to the summit where there is 40% less oxygen then at sea level! Hopefully tomorrow’s report will be easier to understand.  However, they are currently at 4200m and will be up to 4600m tomorrow.

Head Guides on Kili

Head Guides on Kili


  1. Almost there!! Brooke & Sam not next to each other? Does that make you a climber or a slacker?? Guessing a climber knowing you, Brooke. Saw on blog that Laird has promised you a Spa Day when you return. Please be ladylike and don’t knock anyone down on the way back!! We know what you would do for a spa day!! LOL Hoping by the time you get this you have reached the summit. Love you, mom

  2. Well done girls.Keep right on track Fiona ,you will get there.Routing for you ,lots of love from the Garidis Clan xxxx

  3. Yvette,

    Go you good thang. have been following the progress. we are all just chuffed here…

    Love from Dave and Louise…

  4. nicky,
    everyone here watching the site and pushing you on!!
    i am in awe of you!
    mum xxx

  5. HI KAK!!!!!!

    wow I cant belive you are climbing Kilimanjaro.
    I could never do that.
    Love you

    Louise xoxo

  6. Hi Yvette and Team members,
    We are in total awe of what you are all achieving, and love reading the blogs and looking at the photos! Hoping your spirits are strong, your bodies holding up and your sense of accomplishment without limit. Our thoughts are with you as you continue your ascent and summit of Kili. Callie sends her love too and said to tell you she is looking forward to your next visit and her next massage!!Good wishes to all, special wishes to you Yvette,love Anna and co.

  7. Nicole,

    What an experience! I know its easy for us to say but goodonya!…almost there! Thinking of you constantly,

    Lotsa luv,
    uncle Bryan and aunty Jean xxxx

  8. Yvette,
    Congrats on your achievements so far and if I am not mistaken (I could be though), it’s your B’day today… so enjoy being on the roof of Africa for it… Can’t wait to see all your pictures and hear all of your stories…
    Thinking of you,

  9. Hi tean! I am SO impressed at some of you playing hackey sack at that kind of altitude – I can’t do it at sea level! Sam and Fi: Make sure you leave those beautiful shoes somewhere behind: I DO NOT want to see Fi’s back here in the office. To all of you: Really, really good luck to you for tonight. Will be thinking of you all at 8pm our time as you climb out of those sleeping bags and head off up the mountain. One step at a time, and pole pole. You’ll do it, I know. Fondest love to you all, Cathy and rhino team

  10. Well done, everyone – this has been a great achievement.

    And special congratulations to the ‘old girl’ on the team. Happy 43rd birthday Yvette!! I hope your legs lasted the distance & you celebrated at the summit. Fond love.

  11. Way to go ladies!!! Onward – you put ’em down and the Universe/God will pick ’em up (your steps to the top). We are thrilled for you all…..what glorious sunrise awaits you. Hugs around!

  12. Katherine, sounds like you are having such an amazing journey! Keep it up you are almost there. Can’t wait to see your pictures from the summit! See you soon, Beth.

  13. Hi Sweetie, We made it to Megan’s OK will go on
    to Lady Lake today
    Sounds like your having a blast and hope all continues for you all.
    Continue to have a great climb and will try to
    keep up as I find computers. Love and kisses,
    Mom and Grandma Snook

  14. Rachel and Team ’09, OMG!!! You are nearly to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro!!! What an accomplishment you have all participated in and helped each other achieve. No doubt “the team” strength has given each of you the ability to endure the hardships and the love and comfort of “the team” has added to your self appreciation 100 %. Congrats to all and Rachel, Dad and I are so very proud of you and this major endeavor. Kiss the ceiling of big K for me and soak in the Spirit of Africa high atop K. love, love, love, Mom and Dad

  15. Dear Laura Hartstone–
    Thank you for all the wonderful updates. We sit on pins and needles waiting to see what each day brings. Thank you!!!

  16. I love your site!

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