Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 28 January, 2009

Day 5 – Kilimanjaro

Team 09 in front of a Land Rover purchased by 3 Peaks for SIC

Team 09 in front of a Land Rover purchased by 3 Peaks for SIC

Another day up the mountain, and another day to reflect the importance and reason behind the climbs. As the team heads up Kilimanjaro, they do so knowing the support they are giving to SIC.  Having successfully tackled the other two causes- education and the environment, health across East Africa, and particularly North-Eastern Tanzania, remains to be the final challenge.

The team spent two days prior to the Kili climb with SIC.  The first day was spent at their office, getting to know the staff, and the second day was spent in the village, meeting community members who were HIV+ and seeing the impact SIC is having first hand.

But perhaps more striking to the climbers, was the impact 3 Peaks is having.  The following charts are just two examples of how far the funds raised are being distributed. It is shocking yet empowering, and will no doubt help the 09 team reach the summit.



The team had a relatively shorter trek to the next camp, barafu (ice) camp today.  All have made it and all are well.  An executive decision has been made by the guides to split the team into 2 climbing parties, the fast and the faster, in an attempt to join both at the summit. We have heard word from the guieds, but no message from the team.

The first party has likely left for the summit already, or is nearing to leave any minute, and the second team will head up shortly thereafter. They are currently at 4600m and will strive over the coming hours ot make it to 5895m – and reach Uhuru Point…the roof of Africa.

Our thoughts are no doubt with them every step of the way.

Support for the team has been riveting, from text messages to phone calls…comments on the blog to emails.  Luce’s parents randomly stumbled upon the Summits Africa base camp crew in Arusha today and send their excitement…and likely share the anxiety that many of the team’s family and friends are feeling.  They have been at the base of Kili for the past few days on the western slopes looking up and sending their energy to the team.  Many thanks to them for their support! Mara’s boyfriend touched down in Tanzania as well today and is likely drinking Kilimanjaros … thinking of her up on Kilimanjaro!

A big Happy Birthday to Yvette.  This should be one she won’t forget! Hopefully the camp crew was able to supply her with a little something in lieu of birthday cake.  More celebrations to follow on after the descent.

And as for the entire team…We all say a massive cheers and look forward to the celebrations in due time.  For now, our thoughts are being sent your way.  Go team 09!!!  Keep the momentum flowing.  We are all watching and the organizations you are supporting have all, without a doubt, been moved by your efforts. Climb on!



  1. WOW Brooke. Goosebumps just reading the words “the roof of Africa”. Your entire team amazes me. I know all the friends and families are as anxious as I am to be able to hear that a message has been received from you. Call us from the bottom! Or newly known as Giraffe Level!!! Love,, mom

  2. To you all…You are incredible! Here’s to strength and perseverence as you summit to the top of the mountain. Feel every sensation and honor every thought and emotion you have. All are valid and oh so real!
    To Leah…I love you so much and am so proud to be your mother. You continue to honor me with your commitments, your passions and your actions. Feel me hugging you from afar.
    Love, love, love.

  3. nicky,
    wish i was there to see you come down, but i am sending you hugs and love.
    i woke every hour last night wandering how you were doing, i am so pleased for you and wish you luck for the last bit which i guess you are already on by now.
    laurie hayden wants me to let him know as soon as i hear! mummy. xxxx

  4. Thinking of you buddy, being on the roof of Africa sounds so exhilarating. Good luck to all the team. Looking forward to see you in a few days Love mumxxx

  5. As I’m writing, you undoubtedly have begun the final ascent. Go girls!!! Mara, I told Peter to give you big kisses and hugs from all of us when he finishes giving you his own! I’m so proud of you and I know you’ll feel the amazing thrill of accomplishment as you look out over all of Africa that you can see. I’m so hoping that you’re all coping okay with the altitude – the one thing you have the least control over! Can’t wait to hear your voice when you’re down! Lots of love, Mom

  6. Fi, keep those legs moving! All the very best to you all. We want you all on that summit!!!!!!!! Good luck.
    Love Mum and Dad

  7. Kak, I can’t believe you and the team have almost made it. What an incredible experience!
    I’m of course worried but primarily very excited and just amazed!
    love, Mom and Dad

  8. As I get ready for bed tonight, I realize that you all may be reaching your final goal. “Congratulations” seems a bit shallow! What a special moment this is for all of you for all sorts of known and unknown reasons.
    Your actions have inspired me as I am sure many, many people all over the world. Even after you come down this mountain and each travel your separate ways, what you have accomplished here will continue to be a tremendous inspiration to all.
    Thank you for BEING that difference in our lives. Thank you for making such a tremendous committment of your time, energy and love.
    Often times in life, we don’t get to realize the impact we’ve had on others. I hope and pray that all of you can feel the power of your impact.
    Years from now, I’ll remember what you’ve accomplished. Please don’t let yourselves forget.
    Thank you and God bless!
    Sara Owens

  9. Hello team 3P3W 2009! I thought of you last night as I was cooking dinner, and you were just getting up. Woke up at 3am and calculated that it would be dawn on Kili and hoping like mad that you were all safely on the summit. And now in the office, guessing you’re on the way down, and twitching to see the next post. Much love to everyone, from Cathy and the rhinos

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