Posted by: 3peaks09 | 1 February, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Hi Everyone – this is Brooke writing a quick post since all of the other girls on the team had to run to catch flights (about half of us are tanning and tusker-drinking in Zanzibar right now!!!!) and I have a long lay-over in Amsterdam. I’m sure we’ll all be writing longer notes on this blog, but I just wanted to write a quick one on behalf of the team to say how much we sincerely appreciated so many people following this blog and continuing to show such incredible support to our team and the 3 Peaks charities. Kilimanjaro was an amazing finale to the challenge and after a long year of fundraising and training, it was like heaven to be at the top of Africa with such fantastic women. Even better, was returning to the singing and smiles of the children at the School of St. Jude.  From the final moments of the summit to standing on the school stage being celebrated with kongas and live chickens, it was an incredibly emotional day. We all felt so honored to be in Africa and to see where the money you have all helped us raise is going to go.

We were very sad to leave each other yesterday… we were an incredible team and the friendships made over the past month will certainly last a lifetime. We all return to our respective countries and back to work in the next few days, but undoubtedly we’ve been deeply inspired and will feel connected to each other – and to Africa – forever.



  1. how different it will be not to log on and check the progress, hope you all have a wonderful recuperation and celebration.
    nicole, take care in rwanda, no more mountain climbing for a while!
    love mum

  2. Dear Team,
    We will miss reading about your exciting adventures in Africa and the tough climbs on the mountains. Congratulations to each of you for all the hard work you have accomplished with training, fund raising and preparations.
    Rachel, we hope that you can sleep on those flights and we are anxious to sit down and hear your stories about wondorous Africa.
    love, dad and mom

  3. Girls, heartfelt congratulations on completing the challenge. What you have accomplished will have such a positive impact on the three causes in Africa and I hope you’re all really proud of yourselves. It’s been great reading the blog and I look forward to speaking to / meeting some of you over the coming months to hear more about it as we (the 2010 team) prepare for next year’s challenge.
    Well done and hope you’re all celebrating still!

  4. Celebrating each and everyone of you and your amazing accomplishments individually and as an incredible team!!! There is a deep sense of connection and community with Africa, the people and these special causes as a result of what you have done. With deep appreciation and gratitude,

  5. kudos brooke! you still look great after your awesome feat!! julieanne wants to know if you were able to get any ice cream?????? can’t wait to hear all your stories. love ellie julieanne and george

  6. kudos to all of you girls.being one of the guides with the team made me appreciate the beauty o sharing so much.seeing you freeze on kili and having the courage to soldier on was incredibly moving.
    Toni.. i knew you can!!!

  7. Hi Gretchen, Got your e-mail and was so glad to
    hear all is well. Congratulations on a job well done. Love you, Mom

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