Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 8 December, 2009

LIVE Updates – Straight to your phone!

Dear Family, Friends & Supporters,

The 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Challenge 2010 is about to begin! The team will be arriving in East Africa on January 5th and starting up Mount Kenya on the 9th!!!

From the mountains to your phone

In order to keep you up-to-speed on their status, the team will carry a mobile phone (charged on the mountains with a small solar panel). At the end of each day they will send a text message with their whereabouts and how things are going. Using a system called FrontlineSMS, the text messages can be forwarded to all of you!

Sign up!

If you are interested in receiving these messages, send a text message to +255 688 905 872. In the body of the text message simply type the word “climb”. You should then receive a message saying you have been added as a subscriber. If you are having trouble, please email:

Text the Team

Send an SMS of support straight to the team. Help them climb on and keep the momentum rolling.

Their number on the mountain will be: +254 724 239 688


Check back on this site for blog updates with photos as well.

Support LIVE updates

Want to help support our LIVE updates?! We need small donations to help fund the cost of text messages. Email if you are interested.

HUGE thanks to all who have helped make this year’s event possible.

Climb on!



  1. Best of luck to you all – I look forward to tracking your progress! Until then, Happy Holidays!

    (friend of Tracie)

  2. Dear Laura,
    cannot believe 12 months has gone by and you are once again providing us with up-dates on the 2009 challenge.I marvel at your hard work and expertise.
    Best wishes to this years team,we will look forward to reading about your progress.
    Lots of love Kerry and Bruce Chick

  3. Hello Team and 3 Peak blog followers – I am departing tomorrow morning from New York and am so excited to meet and re-meet everyone soon in Nairobi! I can’t wait to get hiking and helping! Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone, this is a team effort and my family, friends and co-workers are truly my strength and driving force! – Sarah from the 2010 team.

  4. We are looking forward to reading about your journey on the blog. We are also so very proud of all of you for for your dedication to such a wonderful cause! You are embarking on a very physical and spiritual journey and may you have the strength (individually and as a Team) to accomplish all your dreams and goals. Best of Luck Team 2010!
    -LeeKei and Patrick Ellicott (friends of Sarah)

  5. Happy New Year to you, Sarah, and to your team mates as well. Look forward to your news!

    Enjoy the adventure! Fred and I’ll be with you in spirit…… all the way!


  6. Hello, Sarah! I’m excited to follow the blog and hear of your adventures. What a unique opportunity for you and the Team! You are all in my prayers as you journey through these next few weeks.
    -Molly Zimmerer (related to Sarah)

  7. Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!
    What an amazing way to celebrate your birthday with the kick-off of 3 Peaks, 3 Weeks!!! You are truly awesome person who knows how to celebrate!

    We are marking your birthday with the treats you left behind for us! We are super impressed with your thoughtfulness and gratitude when we are merely the ones back at home waiting to read your blog!

    All the best on this very exciting, rewarding and unforgettable adventure!!

    Renee and the rest of your work family!!!

  8. Get ready to climb girls….you rock!!
    Happy birthday to Sarah!!
    We are keeping you all in our prayers. Enjoy yourselves.
    We are very proud of you all!!

  9. Thanks to all my family, friends and co-workers who have left me so much love, support and good energy.

    I don’t know where to start. The journey to Africa is really complicated. Planes, Trains and Automobiles. After getting off to a late start with Snow in New York, I have spent my New Year in also a snowy London, then arrived to Nairobi, and then a small private flight (just me and the pilot) to Arusha Tanzania where I spent 5 days at the Diocese of Mt. Kilimanjaro helping with a chicken project with my friend Mama Kuku (mother Chicken), Freda Margiloff. It was a most amazing scene. I was happy to get right in there and get dirty. Cleaning cages, makeing rock walls, moving stuff, and hearing about the project. I also got to attend Christ Church and they sang happy birthday to me. Freda introduced me to lots of her Tanzanian friends, fellow chicken workers, and church contacts. It was wonderful. I also got to visit the School of St Jude and have tea with Kim Saville and meet Julie Luxton. The school is a breath of fresh air. So much good energy, colors and truly life chaning work going on there!

    I have to say, Flying over Kilimanjaro yesterday and seeing the snow in the clouds and the peak took my breath away. I can’t express how greatful I am to each of you and the good life we have in the Western World. Be very thankful this week for clean, safe running water, a bed to sleep in and the education you have exerianced in your life. It’s just not the same here, not bad or good, as I pass no judgement, but a very hard life.

    Thanks for the birthday well wishes. I celebrated on the lush green flower coverd chicken farm with Freda’s friends and the students of the school. Mt. Meru ‘s peak showing in the background! We had bananas, M&M’s and Gum. It simply was great!

    Sending Love. Hakuna Matata (No worries)
    -Sarah Winters Papsun

  10. Best of luck to you all….Eoin (Niamhs Bro..)

  11. Dear Boo,
    We’re all thinking of you. You must really be getting excited now: just a few days til you start your first climb.
    We think you’re all brave!
    Good luck
    Mal, Heidy, Allen & Margot

  12. Dear 2010 Team,

    All the best for the first climb…. Keep it on and we’ll be checking onto the site and through the live updates by SMS.

    Thanks for all what you’re doing and looking forward to participating in the challenge myself…

    Charlotte 🙂

  13. Hi 2010 team and jess..thinking of you all and the fantastic challenge before you. It is a wonderful opportunity for you all to glimpse Africa and help those who are so much less fortunate
    Have fun and as Ricky ponting said todat after an amazing cricket win yesterday give 100% and you never know what you will achieve.
    Lotsa luck
    Sarah Esslemont

  14. Hi Niamh, and congratulations on winning the prize at Loisaba, it looks lovely. Best of luck to you all and enjoy the challenge.


  15. Hi Niamhin and team, reading about this is all so exciting – what an adventure, we’re following your stories from icy and cold Ireland. Good luck with the first peak
    XXXX Susan, Lily and Tom


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