Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 7 January, 2010

High Altitude Training

Sponsored Flight with Tropic Air

The first sight of Mount Kenya can be intriguing, even if it is blanketed in clouds. Its height can be estimated in one’s mind just by looking at the base and the slope it creates upward.

After departing through the thick Nairobi traffic, it was only 2.5 hours to reach Nanyuki, a small town at the base of Mount Kenya.  The mountain greeted us, but only fully uncovered itself as the sun set this evening. It is clear that the first couple days are long and that the final day will be steep….but those are thoughts to think about later.

The team was graciously given a surprise flight over the Laikipia Plateau. Tropic Air was extremely generous to surprise the team with last minute “high altitude training”….a flight over the area that the team is supporting with critical funds for the Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF). Thank you Tropic Air (Jamie for the fantastic and Rick for the smooth flight)!!!!!!!!

After a brief talk from three of the staff members at LWF, the team has better grasped the variety of efforts they support through LWF.  Tomorrow they will get a further look inside the organisation with field visits to various project sites.

They are all well and carbo-loading! One more day and then they will strap on their boots.

We are still sorting out phone issues, so please be patient. They can send outgoing SMS and calls, but are having trouble receiving. We will keep you posted!



  1. Best of luck to everyone .As an older person it gives me great satisfaction to know we are handing over to a new more caring society.

  2. Hi All and Jess
    Got your SMS Jess and replied but no confirmation of receipt
    Loved the piccys and beads. How did you select anything J with all that choice!!
    Good luck on the climb

  3. Hi Team,

    I’m glad you all arrived safely and are having fun so far. I hope you enjoy visiting the projects today and seeing the great work LWF does.

    Good luck for Mt Kenya tomorrow and just remember to drink and eat lots and walk slowly.

    Fiona & all at the Save the Rhino office

  4. Hi Sarah and all your team,

    Sarah, I am so proud of you. I remember you as the cute little girl in music class at Fox Run years ago and it so neat to see you and your team doing all these neat things.

    Good luck on your climb to Mt. Kenya.

    Flora Major

  5. Hi Sarah:

    Rene shared your blog with me. Looks like a great trip of adventure and camraderie. Hope it continues to be a safe climb up and down the two remaining mountains with interesting side trip in between.

    Keep on trekkin!

    Warm regards,



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