Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 7 January, 2010

Safe Arrivals!

Team at Kazuri Beads

Hello 3 Peaks 2010 Blog Readers:

We love all your comments, support and good energy. We had a most amazing day yesterday. We visited a giraffe center and bead workshop which employees local people and gives them a fair chance to make an honest living. It was amazing to see the beadmakers creativity, art and skill. We are all getting used to each other and travel around Nairobi. The traffic here is bad, and while waiting in lines of traffic locals sell anything from fruit, to maps of Africa (The kind you would hang in front of a chalk board at school) to Ninja Turtle and sail boat pillows, to tuperware. It’s marketing. So… the team departs Nairobi today and we are off to Laikipia. Please follow the blog. Please note our number has changed so if you want to call or text us on the mountain, please dial: +254 724 239 688

Don’t forget to sign up for live updates that will be sent straight to your phone. If you are interested in receiving these messages, send a text message to +255 688 905 872. In the body of the text message simply type the word “climb”. You should then receive a message saying you have been added as a subscriber. If you are having trouble, please email:

We can shoot these texts off from the mountains right away and you will know what we are up to, the blog may be delayed a bit.

Asante Sana. Thank you so much
-Sarah Winters Papsun

ps we all had a marvelous dinner at Carnivore last night. Ostrich, crokadile, ribs, pork, chicken liver, meat, meat and more meat follows by a birthday cake and ice cream for my 29th birthday (very kind) and a singing of Jambo Bwana!

pps – The entire team has arrived safely along with all of their baggage!!! Vans are getting ready as we speak to depart for Laikipia.



  1. Halfie and all. Congratulations on the start of this adventure. I hope that you have a great time. My prayers and best wishes go with you.I look forward to the daily news.

  2. Great to hear you all arrived safely!

  3. Dear Peakers
    So lovely to read the blog and to hear about your fun times at Giraffe Manor, the Kazuri Bead Co and at Carnivore – brings back many happy memories of other trips to Nairobi.
    Here at Rhino HQ we are all tremendously excited and happy for you – we know you’ve got a helluva challenge ahead of you, but we also know how much effort you have put into training and fundraising, so I am sure you are ready for anything.
    You may have a bad moment or two, but I know that when you meet the people at the Laikipia Wildlife Forum, St Jude’s and Support for International Change, you’ll be so inspired that you’d go and climb all 3 all over again if you had to.
    Thanks so much for your commitment. We’ll be following you every step of the way
    xxx Cathy and all the team at Rhino HQ

  4. Glad you enjoyed the bead shop! I wore my favorite necklace from there today not even realizing that you would be there – how funny! Hope you are enjoying your time at Laikipia!!!

  5. Be carefull of the blisters..sisters. enjoy your climbing. go niamh go niamh….


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