Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 9 January, 2010

A Rainy Start

The team was wide-awake before their wake up call – excited and ready to hit the trail. They had a leisurely breakfast and then took vans from 2300m to 2700m, their starting point at Sirimon Gate.

The hike begins in the tropical woodland and they reported sightings of baboons and stinging nettle (a plant that causes unpleasant pain if touched).

Clouds loomed over the mountain all day, dark and stormy in nature. There was no doubt that their rain gear would get a bit of a test on the first day.

Rains in the distance where Mount Kenya is typically visable

Around 6pm the following text came through from the team:

We made our way to the first camp on Mount Kenya accompanied by a mix of sun and lots of rain. Stinging nettles, baboon sightings and plenty of talking on the trail made for a great first day. Sleeping at Old Moses Camp (alt. 3200m). Looking forward to another good day tomorrow!

Furthermore, word came in that the bandana has been handed to Harvey from Ema for being naughty/comic relief.


Sarah has also been nominated as the “Team Mama”, helping to keep things organized.


And Boo was in better spirits…


Word has it that Jessica Biel, Kenna, and Emile Hirsch are on their fourth day up Kilimanjaro. We wish them the best and challenge Jessica to climb the other two peaks to follow!

If you are still not receiving live SMS updates, message the word “Climb” to +255 688 905 872

Climb on!



  1. Sarah,
    Good for you to be the team Mama. I’m proud of what you’re doing and loved the Twizzlers I bought from you at chorale rehearsals.

  2. Jessica
    Don’t forget to practice your Swahili for “light relief”

    Here is a convesation your team might have at the SUMMIT as you are greeted by the “welcoming committee”

    Jina lako nani?


    Hali ngani?
    Jina Langu ni Jessica
    Nasikitika kukusumbua
    Nina taabu kidogo
    Nataka kukaa kitako kidigo


    Choo kiko wapi?


    Ahsante sana


    Tayari sasa
    Nimependezwa sana
    Kuna nyumba ya kula wapi?
    Tafadhali nataka bia baridi.


    Afya! Vifijo!


  3. Thinking of you all during your first night on the mountain! It sounds like you are having so much fun climbing together! Too bad about the rain, but it will toughen you up in the beginning:) You guys look VERY COOL in your sponsored gear in the pics. Great to see you over there and brings back great memories.
    PS I am clearly the biggest blog fan, and I know Tracie is rolling her eyes at ALL of my blog posts, but I love you all and am so proud so I will keep posting!!!

  4. Hi Jess,
    How is all going?
    Sounds fantastic so far
    thinking of you all

  5. Hi Halfie What have you been uo to? Congrats on have the bandana passde to you so early in the trip. love Moither Dear

  6. Hang in there guys. It is only a bit of rain. The other option is where I am now…no clouds, 41 degrees at midday! I’d climb wet!! Cheers

  7. Sarah,
    Good luck and safe journeys to everyone as you climb your first mountain. Remember a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Sarah, it was great to see your picture! You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Mom and Dad

  8. Sarah,
    Happy New Year, you brave & wonderful girl!Its a joy to follow your journey.Keep the faith every day!

    Love, Maureen & family

  9. Jess
    What Route will you be taking up Kilimanjaro?
    Do you take the same route down?


    For those interested options at :

  10. What a great photo Boo! Keep smiling!!!

  11. Safe travels to Sarah and the whole team! Wish I could trade places with you.

  12. Loving the updates and seeing photos of you.
    Sarah, you are a treasure…..wherever you go, you shine your light.



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