Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 10 January, 2010

2 days down! 19 to go…

Nabulaa Women’s Group

Day two on Mount Kenya often poses the greatest challenge of the entire three weeks. The team members who have been living at sea level in Sydney, London and Los Angeles, may find themselves encountering headaches and nausea as the reach 4000m (13,123 ft.). The climb to Liki North camp is not incredibly long, but the altitude can be challenging. With late lunch arrival in camp, the crew works to prepare the team with hot meals. From there, they are given the early afternoon to rest before going on walks to acclimatize higher in the mountains. The idea is to climb high, but sleep low.

Mount Kenya and its surroundings were again blanketed in clouds today, slight rains here and there, but perhaps a blessing for those on the mountains. Too much sun can cause instant sunburns from the intensity here at the equator.

It is 8pm and so far, no word from the guides or the team. However, they have likely lost mobile phone reception as they are camping in a low valley between tall ridgelines.

3 Peaks Team 2010

At base camp a delivery was made from several hours away by a young man named Jeremiah. He showed up after an incredibly long, dusty journey with 600 more bracelets hand made by the Nabulaa women. There are roughly 40 women that 3 Peaks has been supporting for 4 years now. At times, we are their only source of income.

This year was especially difficult as the women not only faced the worst drought in fourty years, but conflict as well. The drought killed three quarters of their cattle, a substantial financial loss for many villages in their area. Thirty-five people from both the Samburu and Pokot  communities were killed in a conflict resulting from a 3-year feud between the two groups. Though this was the only fued that made headlines, there were several other that affect the Nabulaa women (Samburu).

However, the women are incredibly driven and are living up to their name, meaning “Stand up for yourself!”  3 Peaks is happy to have partnered with Lululemon shops in the United States to sell the bracelets and send a massive thanks to all who have purchased one.


Beads at Lulu Lemon shop!


  1. Good Luck on beautiful Mt Kenya – Say hi to Batian for me!!

  2. Hey Jessel!!

    I am so excited for you – Day two for me was when the altitude hit me big time, so praying you are ok over there Jessel!

    Sam Hayes and i are driving home together tomorrow so we will send you vibes all day – keep strong and enjoy every single step!

    Say hi to Kanja Paul for me please.

    Sending you a huge hug Jessel, love peru xx

    ps. Hi Laura (TR) – will call you soon x

  3. Dear Boo,
    Hope all is well with you. Sending positive energy your way.

  4. Hey Peakers,

    Sending you all positive energy and my thoughts are with you.

    Take each day as it comes, and only think about one mountain at a time and more importantly ENJOY IT! as the time with fly….

    Love Anna Brown (3 Peaks 2007)

  5. Hi Everyone…i gather you have been on the dark side . Hope you are not too unwell as it seems day two is a heaver
    Thinking of you Mum

  6. We are so proud of you and enjoy the journey! You have come so far already and now you all get to enjoy the views.
    Take your time and know we are all thinking of you!

  7. Girls – thinking of you on the summit night! Very exciting that it’s the first of 3. You have lots of people thinking about you all over the world and wishing you a safe and warm summit. Stick together!
    Ps – should have warned you about the hellbox at Shiptons – EPIC!


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