Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 12 January, 2010

11 Summit up!

Mount Kenya Shortly After Sunrise

12 January 2010

7:33 am

All 11 of us just reached the top of Mt Kenya to a magnificent sunrise!

After several hours of hiking in the cold, dark, snowy trails…the entire team reached Point Lenana in time to see the sunrise over the equatorial highlands.

Paul sent a message shortly thereafter reading:

Weather was surprisingly awesome this morning!

The first two teams to take on the 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Challenge summited Point Lenana on their 4th night. This team managed to do it on their 3rd night! Congratulations ladies….this is a massive achievement and excellent start to put one peak behind you.


  1. Jung hope you left an indonesia on the to of mount kenya!! missing you. xox

  2. Well done all! 1 down, 2 to go!!

  3. Congratulations guys! Keep going and good luck for the rest of the challenge! xx

  4. Well done ladies
    “Nothing like an early bird to catch the worm” as we say in Scotland
    Must have been a great experienec to see the sunrise
    Remember it is always more difficult to descend than climb

  5. What an achievement! You must all be so proud of yourselves!
    Boo, special hug and kiss for your efforts!
    Mal, Heidy, Allen & Margot

  6. Congratulations Halfie and your peers. Well done. i hope ti heart lots of talk about the effort you made. I am sooo proud of you all especially Rahab. Love Mother Dear

  7. Awesome to hear that you all made it! Well done! 1 down, two to go!!!

  8. Congrats guys, that’s an amazing achivement!

    I hope you all enjoyed it.

  9. Fantastic achievement already. Special word for superbrit amy from her parents but praise to you all.

  10. Go Harvey! We are very proud of you and all the team! Our thoughts are with you as you take this awesome journey!
    From the Parkers!

  11. Go Tracie!! Someone once said, “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.”

    Tracie – keep your chin up and your eye on the prize sis. Well done on arriving early! Jack has started to climb as well in honor of you. After a nap, he climbed to a standing position in his crib grinning ear to ear holding on tight to the railings. hugs – kellie

  12. Well done Rahab and team. It must be a fantastic time – you go girl.

    Rachael & Simon

  13. Well done, that is so amazing, I can’t imagine snow right now!!! was it harder going back down?

  14. Amazingly well done peakers!

    Have loved reading your blogs and hearing about your time with the Laikipia crew. Enjoy a long sleep tonight and a bit of a party by all accounts tomorrow night!

    Big RESPECT. xxCathy and all at Rhino HQ

  15. Congrads Niamh,All the climbing in connemara paid off,!!Well Done everyone.ITS fantastic that the whole team made it .The sense of achievement must be awesome especially as it was done on the 3rd night.we are with you all the way.

  16. Super effort Boosie and fellow climbers! Knew you could do it. Bring on Meru and Kili. Well done to all the guides and porters.
    Lots of love, Margie and Geoff Lees

  17. come on you good thing…well done niamh

  18. Awesome! What a prize the view must have been!

  19. Dear Sarah and all,
    What a magnificent way to start a new day dawning!! So glad for you all. You all are
    terrific for many the good things you are doing.
    More great sunrises to come! Be safe.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    At Chorale tonight I will relay your progress.
    Some members are keeping current with you.
    Love, Aunt Suzanne and Grandma
    PS thank you to the guides/escorts for taking good care of you all!!

  20. Well done Niamh and team, I can’t wait to hear all about it Niamhin – it looks amazing.

  21. Congratulations! A fantastic effort to hear all 11 of you made the first peak. I have no idea how you did on the 3rd night?

    I am so pleased to hear the weather was on your side and you managed to enjoy the sunrise over Kenya.

    We are all thinking of you and following your progress daily.

    Enjoy the “Kenyan Tonk Up” with the LWF.. not too many Rum and Tangawezi’s!!

    Chloe, James and Olive

  22. Congratulations!!!

  23. Well Done

  24. Hi Jess and fellow mountaineers
    So well done and sounds as though lucky with weather
    It is sweltering here in Sydney and the highlands like 30 plus overnight ,so am envious
    how are the feet coping
    Lotsa love mother

  25. Well done girls!!!!
    1 down, 2 to go!!!

  26. Well done Niamh and also to the rest of the gang. Great achievement so keep it up. 🙂

  27. Go Harvey!!! wooooo hooooo, everyone else top top effort.

    Still in Mexico, see you on the other side.

    big soft hugs all round

  28. So well done all – Amy – you are amazing, missing you – keep going, the best is yet to come! xxx

  29. SARAH! Well done on summit number 1! I can’t wait to hear all your stories about this great adventure. I hope you, all the woman hiking with you, and all the people helping you on your journey continue to do well! The boys miss you! Hugs and Smiles, Your Neighbors The H’s 🙂

  30. Sarah and the whole team.
    Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishment! As Sir Edmund Hillary said “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” This experience will have made you all stronger.
    Mom, Dad, and Andrew

  31. Congrats girls! And all on the 3rd night – well done!!! Hope all goes well for meru now! xx

  32. Congrats everyone, great effort. Now look after yourselves and each other for the next few days before Meru.

  33. Sarah, All of us in California are cheering you on!! Keep ahead of the chickens!!

  34. One down and two to go guys! A big congrats to you all and very impressed by the early summit-I am intrigued!!

    Enjoy the cold beers at the bottom!

    Love Anna, Nick and Lachie Brown xx

  35. Dear Sher, Congratulations to you baby and your group of unbelievable women. I’m so proud of you and blown away by your incredible passion for life.

    Sorry that my comment is late, you know my struggles with technology. You are alsways in my thoughts. Relax a bit and enjoy!

    Hope to talk with you soon. Love you, Maman

  36. Tracie, Your dad is late on blogging because he is looking for the “extension” tab on the blog screen …your mom and dad are real proud of you and I am too! You go girl (and the rest of your group, too, of course!) You NEVER cease to amaze me!

  37. Congratulations on being Summitteers!
    Each of you are one in a million…
    “In China, when you’re one-in-a-million, there are 1,300 other people just like you.” …Bill Gates
    “But each of you are one in a gazillion, and that is more than a bazillion.”

  38. Well done to all ladies! (and people behind the scene too!) 

    You are all v.special, and it’s only day 4/5 when u get this! 

    Looking forward to what happens on the next 2 peaks! 

    Laugh, cry, and be merry as everyone is cheering for you guys from all round the world!

    ACB: you mean the world to so many people and it’s so good to know that there are people like yourself (along with the others in the group) that are making a difference in this world! You are all inspirational!

    To all of you, be good, and a safe journey to the next stop!

  39. Heather and fellow team mates: Congratulations and I couldn’t be more proud of all of you.
    Your mom and biggest fan.
    Great to hear your voice today.
    Be safe

  40. Congratulations everyone!! Well done Boo to you and all the team, thinking of you.
    Lots of love Suzie, Mike, Sam & Mikey

  41. Congrats Gals, you nailed it … and in the snow too … and on the third night – wicked!!! You girls ROCK!! Relax easy and enjoy the downtime, you deserve it. Keep smiling xo

  42. Hi Jess, all white here – a FAR cry from the Bondi surf of last week! Our `winter wonderland` LOOKS beautiful, but hard to get around in .. not like YOU guys, getting up those mountains? It is such a sense of achievement every night, isn’t it – after the struggle of the daily trek/climb…. (Read message I was supposed to have sent last time and didn’t recognise it at all; hope this one gets through AS IS…!)Keep smiling between `huffs`! Lol & huge hug, Proooo. x

  43. Outstanding! You ROCK! The Team is incredible! The picture above of the sunrise is simply breathtaking, so I can only imagine what it looked like in person. Keep the faith and be strong!

    Best Regards,
    LeeKei, Patrick, Brady, and Dean

  44. You are all true Australian heroes! We’re thinking of what you have achieved so far and what you’re going to, as we lounge here in the sun.

  45. Good luck with the final millimetres of your pilgrimage. I hope the view from the summit is nearly as impressive of the views of it.


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