Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 16 January, 2010

A Day With St. Jude

Team at School of St Jude with Founder, Gemma Rice

St Jude’s/Rest day – Arusha

– Update from the Team  –

An early start and off to St Jude’s! – We were all blown away by the magnitude and the size of the operation and that it had all been achieved in just 8 years!

Meeting with Gemma and having the opportunity to ask her all of our questions and hear her speak personally on the school was mind boggling. We were invited to walk around with our tour guide Felix and see where the money of the 2007 3peaks3weeks team is going and we will see where the money from the 2009 team is going when we return.

Team with Form 2 girls boarding

Felix took us to the boarding campus and we were shown around by a couple of form 2 students. We are told that our photo is already up on the St Jude’s webpage – very exciting.

We returned to our hotel for an awesome lunch (starting to think that this trip has a massive focus on food) and then most of us heading into Arusha town to run errands, stock up, get a ‘real’ coffee and mix it with the locals.

Would try and think of something funny to write but really it has just been an incredible day meeting Gemma and some of the students and the rest is rather arbitrary.

Team at School of St Jude

Just about to head to briefing now and then dinner at Stiggys (a locals hang den – mixing it up again!).

An early night followed by a quick trip to Arusha to meet with the students who will be accompanying us up to the base of Mt Meru! – the stair climber mountain EEK!



  1. Good luck on Meru tomorrow! I hope you girls get great weather and see lots of wildlife…and get good sightings of Kili! Have fun and safe climbing! Brooke

  2. Hope all goes well tomorrow. It must have been good to see what has been accomplished.
    Hugs and kisses Boo.

  3. I am sure St Jude’s was mind blowing for you all. Can’t wait to return as well.
    Get a good night rest and good luck on Meru.

  4. This is pretty amazing to follow. I am so impressed with all of this. Good Luck on Meru and I can’t wait for the next update.
    I love u Heather

  5. Halfie and all, I am so glad that you found St Jude’s impressive. I hope you enjoyed your dinner at the local. Good luck at Meru. Love Mother Dear for Half

  6. hi Jess, fellow mountaineers and Laura,This whole journey sounds absolutely wonderful.
    And Laura love the updates…I devour it all with thankyou
    Hope you all enjoy Meru as the next one sounds daundting
    Love to all and look out for each other mum Essles

  7. Hello to Tracie, Laura and all the ladies. I hope you are all having a great experience. Brooke keeps us updated. Enjoy reading the blogs. It appears that you should have the Food Channel as a sponsor! Have fun and stay safe!
    Kindest Regards,
    Bernie Vaughan

  8. Good luck girls … wishing I was there with you, re-living the dream!!!

    Stay positive, keep smiling and enjoy the sunrise on summit night.

    Luce W

  9. To Sarah and all the team,
    God’s blessings for a safe journey as you begin climbing Mt. Meru. We hope you are well rested from your stay in Arusha. Remember that if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other you will reach the top!
    Mom and Dad


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