Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 17 January, 2010

An Educational Climb

3P3W Team With St Jude Students

The team departed for their second hurdle today, Mount Meru. At 4566m, the summit is a significant achievement, though shorter than Mount Kenya. The climb takes three nights, four days, with the push for the summit on the second night. Similar to hiking on a stairmaster non-stop, the days are long and the ascent steep.

Jess ready to go! (Mt Meru in background)

This morning the team left for the mountain feeling strong. All 11 had smiling faces and were joined by eleven Form 2 (equivalent to Grade 8) students from the School of St Jude. The girls were chosen to accompany the team in reward for their outstanding behavior and effort in the classroom.

Students Practicing Their Skills!

The students walked fast and were regularly reminded that they could slow down…the 3 Peaks team would have to keep up! They climbed together with the team for 2 hours and then the students left to return back to the bottom.

Picnic on the Mountain

After a lunch picnic at a massive fig tree along the way, the team bid their farewell.  The 3 Peaks women will keep those girls in their mind as they climb to Socialist Peak, the summit of Meru. They will use the encouragement of such an incredible group of young people to serve as a reminder to why they are summiting this peak. With 1300 smiling students supporting them from below, the 3 Peaks team will continue upwards for education.

Fig Tree

SMS the team at +254 724 239 688

Sign up for LIVE SMS updates from the team sponsored by Frontline SMS by texting the word “climb” to +255 688 905 872


  1. Boo and teammates,
    Courage for the challenge ahead of you! Stay strong.

  2. Jess … Glad to see all well …. Look forward to learning more about St Jude’s … also looking forward to seeing all the TEAM carrying their water bottles on there heads ….. Cameron

  3. Sarah, when you run out of your stories, tell them some of ours!! Don’t forget to include the chicken! And don’t forget how they carved your name in the hot dog and you wouldn’t eat it!! Or how you always pass out when you go to the Statue of Liberty!

    We can’t wait to hear how the Ethiopian restaurant in Nairobi compared to the one in DC.

    Strength and courage, strength and courage, girls…



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