Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 18 January, 2010

In the Saddle and to the Summit!

Sheridan with student from St Jude

The team awoke early and left Miriakamba Hut for Saddle Hut. Rather than camps, Mount Meru boasts a small set of very nice huts. This limits the number of hikers and allows for comfortable lodging (bunk bed style) at every stop.

The trek to Saddle Hut is a long, steep strenous climb. The trail has an innumerable amount of steps but jigjags its way through a stunning forest, full of birds, insects and sometimes buffalo.

Heather with student from St Jude

A briefing from the head guide, Ema, was short this morning only stating that “Life is good on the mountain and heading for the saddle”. However, just beyond the saddle lies the summit. The climb up Mount Meru goes quickly and beginning tonight around 2am the team will wake up and head for the summit (4566m  14,979ft).

Rachel hiking with student

Mount Meru is full of obstacles; namely the 13 false summits that make a climber feel as if they are about to reach the top over and over again. Apart from those, there are plently of loose rocks, narrow ridgelines and opportunities to scramble.

Stay tuned for an update from the summit…..



  1. All I can say is,”Better you than me”! I am amazed at the courage you all have.
    Boo, we’re all sending you lots of hugs and kisses.
    Mal, Heidy, Allen & Margot

  2. It’s such an exciting moment and day you are all on! Watching the sunrise on Kili across the valley from Meru was one of the most beautiful moments of my life! Hang in there and push on!

  3. Thinking of you all tonight. Best of luck.

  4. Niamh & Gang, Take care and best of luck climbing Meru. Id say its beautiful. Get lots and lots of photos. x )

  5. Good morning all
    Meru looks to be quite a challenging mound. Good luck tonight and take care
    Love Jesss mum

  6. thinking of you all on the second summit night and hope that the false summits aren’t too much of a battle. i’m sure the sunrise with kili in the background will make up for it! looking forward to an update!

  7. What an exciting adventure you all are on! It’s humbling to read your experiences. I appreciate each one of you for your desire to take on this journey.
    Sarah, I’m crazy about your picture with the pig tails, the chicken lady story and your enthusiasm for taking it all in stride. Looking forward to hearing of more adventures as each day unfolds! Sarah and I are both enjoying reading about your adventures and the fascinating pictures. Hugs and Kisses Dear One!

  8. At this very moment you all watching an incredible sunrise. A new day with dreams
    being fullfilled. You all are such wonderful
    successful ladies. Hooray to all!!! Here on the
    East coast of USA its time for to go to bed and
    dream about what a incredible view you are witnessing right now!! God Bless you all.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Sweet Sarah, I can’t wait to see your picture.
    Love, Aunt Suzanne

  9. Hi Halfie and companions. best wishes for a successful walk. I hope that your eyes are better now. I enjoy the stories of your aventures and am glad that you are still able to dance and lead the merriment at the last stop. I mad a HUGE efffort to leave work at 5pm, but managed to go by 5.30 to race to the public library to get on to the internet to hear the latest update, before everything shuts down at 5.50 pm. My thoughts and prayers go with you all. love Mother Dear to half and gabrielle to the rest.

  10. Thinking of you all as you make your way to socialist peak – enjoy the view, there’s nothing else quite like it in the world.

  11. Hey Jess thinking of you hope you are ok and enjoying this woderful adventure you are on.
    Looking for ward to more news of your trek


  12. Jess hope the view from the sumit is wonderful and you doing ok.
    cheers Gill

  13. Fantastic news that you all made it to the summit of Mt. Meru – bet those thighs are burning!
    2 down – one to go!
    Pity about the demise of the sunnies, boo!
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses – mother bear! XOXOX

  14. GO TRACIE!!!!! 🙂

    Love Following ya!
    Sarah McT 🙂

  15. Totally cool, girls. We are excited for you and enjoying the trip as well. Wish we were there with you.


    Sher’s DAD


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