Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 21 January, 2010

In the Office with SIC

Anton (SIC) teaching team a song

-update from the team –

21st of January

Day of Rest – Arusha.

Authors: Jess Ess and Harvey J

What a treat to not have to be up by any set time! – having said that though, most of us ‘ran’ into each other at breakfast roughly around 8am. Given that we all retired around 8 the previous evening its not really all suprising.

Jess, Harvey, Sarah and Boo ventured into town for a ‘real’ coffee and to re-stock on supplies (Nuts mainly) and have a poke around the local shops. All of us returned with our bags full and our wallets not so much. Our attempts to find fruit led us to an empty Fruit and Vege wholesaler and on a mission to find some Berocca we ended up in an animal/pet supplies shops. Things look a little different over here though pretty sure we just blended in??

We returned to our hotel to see a number of the girls lounging by the pool. Amy with her aviator sunnies and a trashy mag looked every bit the picture or ‘leisure chic’ whilst Rachael and Shelidan had ‘resort cool’ in the bag.

We all met up for lunch in preparation for our trip to SIC head quarters.  We were greeted by the entire team at SIC in a chorus of song, clapping and some other crazy oral noises – not really sure how to describe it but it was a warm welcome and we got straight into it. Name games for introduction and then straight to the business end of the presentation. We all learnt a lot about what the Support for International Change team are doing on the ground as well as the huge and daunting task ahead of them. It was a really positive experience however, as we were able to see that change is being made and that real and personal achievement is possible.  We were run through some role plays by the staff in their individual areas and were taught some great songs written by students as part of the in-schools program. We learnt a lot and were rewarded with an amazing afternoon tea which most of us turned into a whole new meal.


We’ve now returned to the hotel to attempt to book flights, email loved ones and do other bits and bobs.  Most of us though have wisely avoided the computer room as logging on is definitely a stress inducer – Jess is almost crying with frustration as I write this.

An early dinner with Laura (our trusty leader) and Ake from Summits Africa before an early night and a jam packed morning traveling with staff from SIC to local villages to meet with individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS to hear of their experiences with the condition and the role that SIC has played in their lives.

Can’t believe that the first of our 2 rest days is over and the day after tomorrow we attempt the biggest mountain in Africa for the biggest issue currently affecting Africa. Daunting to say the least.



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