Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 23 January, 2010

7 Days to go!

Driving to the Gate

Driving to the gate of Kilimanjaro to begin the trek brings much anxiety and excitement. This morning the mountain could not have been any clearer. All eyes were out the left-hand side of the bus eagerly waiting for our arrival.

Team at the gate

Sadly, we reached a point where the team was going to have to get out and walk the rest of the way – Machame Gate. Over 300 porters were present and several other climbing parties. Our team took up at least 56 porters/guides/camp crew, but after that we lost count. All of them donned freshly pressed 3 Peaks shirts, including Yvette!!! She had grins that could stretch across the continent and happily announced she would be climbing with the team all the way to the summit. Perhaps next year we can hire her on as a guide!

Tracie with bandana

Tracie was given the bandana for looking at the mountain with much optimism and stating “It doesn’t look that bad”. We can only hope they keep that thought with them. If all goes as planned, they will hike the Machame Route up the mountain five and a half days and descend one and a half down the Mweka Route – putting them back at the base of the mountain to be picked up in 7 days.

Ilboru Safari Lodge

Many thanks for an incredibly beautiful stay at Ilboru Safari Lodge. The staff always blows us away with their hospitality and and massive thanks for the donation to 3 Peaks from the owner and his kind words to the team as they left this morning.

Team of guides/porters including Yvette in the center!

“Stay strong. Make it to the top – and if you don’t…don’t worry too much about it. Thank you for staying at Ilboru and thank you for your support for Africa” – Ad (Owner and head chef at Ilboru Safari Lodge).

Text the team at+254 724 239 688

Climb on!



  1. Hi, Sarah,
    I enjoyed seeing the photos of your journey on the site. I give all you girls credit for what you are doing. Keep safe and keep up the great work. I am excited to have your mom come to spend time with us in Orlando. Have a safe trip home. God bless all of you, Colleen

  2. Good luck with Kili!!!!

    Looking forward to your stories!


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