Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 24 January, 2010

Shira Plateau!

Kili (as seen from Meru)

The trek from Camp 1 to Shira Plateau is long and arduous…but rewarding. Views of the summit from Shira are incredible and it is a place that some even choose to have their weddings.

The teams text late last night states,

First Day on Kilmanjaro has been good though we’re having to get used to sharing the mountain with lots of people. We climbed 1500 metres today and arrived at camp at 4:30pm to signing porters. Our giraffe (Amy) has been eyeing up fit men on the trail 😉

Amy’s love for the mountains, and apparently mountaineers, has grown and before taking off for Kilimanjaro there was talk that she would climb the Seven Summits. We are anxiously awaiting to see if that decision changes after Kili.

Amy and Harvey battling with LEKI poles

Massive thanks to LEKI for the trekking poles above. Not only are they good for jousting, but they will be imperative for the climb up and down on summit night.

Support 3 Peaks by buying your own discounted pair from our website (Click here to buy!).

Shira Plateau is a big step for the team. They are now sleeping at 3840m and have walked 27km. The idea now is to stay at the altitude, hike higher during the day and return each night as they hike around the mountain.

View of Kili on the drive to the gate yesterday

Milo (cocoa powder) has been supplied in great quantities as the team seems to drink it like water. But loaded with calories – they are being encouraged to do so.

A message from Ema came in, again short. It said,

All in good health.

Minutes ago a text came in form the team today, stating,

We have reached Shira Camp on day 2 of Kilimanjaro. Lots of people on the trails and at camp. We have the best choir of porters who welcome us to camp each day and who cook great meals. Summit is clearly visible when the sky is clear. Team in good spirits.

Loads of people!!

Keep your thoughts with the team and send them SMS’s at +254 724 239 688

And again…thank you to everyone who is sending them SMS’s, comments on the blogs, emails and phone calls. Your support for the team over the past year has now gotten them to Shira Plateau! Thank you!!!


  1. HI Sarah and All,
    Just found out a gal I work with had her honeymoon climbing Kili last year. She is young like you all. She love it as a thing to do but not for a honeymoon. Your mission helping others
    is so powerful. That power will guide your success to the summit!! Is all that singing attracting or scaring away the wildlife?? Remember to keep a good eye on the soap.
    Those rascally monkeys!! Does any camera have a recorder to do mini vidoes?? Be safe and God Bless.
    Love Aunt Suzanne

  2. Hi Heather and everyone: This is absolutely amazing to follow with you. I could not be prouder. Good luck and Be safe to all of you.
    Love Mom

  3. Hi Boo and the rest of the team. It is great to read the blogs and try to imagine just what you all must be experiencing. Seeing Kili from afar and flying in a small plane as only its peak rose above the clouds was amazing for me, but to actually climb it requires so much from you all. It really is quite amazing what you are doing and the reason behind all of this is wonderful.
    Courage, hugs and kisses,

  4. Hi Halfie and companions, glad to see that you still have energy to joust. Well done. I look forward to my morning wakeup call as the SMS comes in. The photos are magnificent and I look forward to seeing lots more when you return. How many more days until you reach your summit of YEARS?? Much love Mother Dear. Good luck to you all and I love reading the comments. Gabrielle

  5. Sarah and the whole team,
    Good luck as you climb Mount Kilimanjaro! All of you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers daily. All things are possible if you only believe!! It is more your “attitude” that “altitude” that will lead you to success. We are truly amazed and grateful for all your accomplishments!
    Mom, Dad, and Andrew

  6. Well done so far Harvey and team!
    Don’t poke anyone in the eyes with those treakking poles! You know what they say…it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!!

    You look super fit too I might say!!

    Go team go!!

    Bec and the Parkers!

  7. Hi Boosie, So far so good – wonderful reading the blogs each day and hearing your progress. You are experiencing something truly special – enjoy. Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Ro, Pete Scott and Jodie xox
    Onwards and upwards team!

    P.S. Keep up the good work Laura

  8. hey boo looks like you girls are really having a ball. what a great cause and fantastic adventure. one im sure the grand kids will love to hear about one day. keep up the good work and good luck to the other girls. We’ re all thinking of you back home, cant wait to hear about your trip first hand take care
    Benji xx


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