Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 25 January, 2010

New Heights – Lava Tower

Team Trekking on!

Today the team pushes on for Barranco Camp (3950m). They departed from Shira Plateau this morning at (3840m) and though it sounds like they only have to incfease their vertical height by 110 metres, the route they are walking takes them to Lava Tower on the way (4630m). They ascend nearly 800m only to then descend over 700m. The treak is about 15 km and often poses one of the hardest struggles before the summit.


The vegetation will continue to change and the team is now in beautiful moorland above treeline. The days have been clear and if all goes well they will meet the summit with good weather in just a couple nights.


Ema says all are doing well and very strong.

No word from the team yet, but it is likely that they will be climbing for another couple of hours.

A resupply of meat, vegetables and fruits was sent up the mountain today and another will be sent up tomorrow. Lots of talk going around Arusha eagerly awaiting the team to come back down. Everyone wants to know where they are, what day they are on, which mountain they are climbing and who this team is.

Team Stretching After Long Days!

If you are in Arusha – come by Via Via on Friday, January 29th (this Friday) at 9pm to meet the team.

Exclusive BBQ dinner starts at 7pm for ticket holders only.


  1. Girls, I am amazed by your achievements… Keep up the Good Work and the good spirits and Happy Australia Day to the Aussies!!

    Charlotte 🙂

  2. Well done so far girls! Go harvey go!!! You guys are making Australia very proud on Austraia day!!!
    Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

    Bec Parker.

  3. The photos are amazing! The vegetation! You are all amazing! Sarah, you are such an inspiration! God go with you all the way up and down again!

  4. Happy Australia Day!
    Looks incredible! Boo keep up the amazing job you are doing. We’re all so proud of you.
    Mal et al

  5. Hi Everyone
    Aussie day very hot. Am cruising at home watching tennis!
    Scenery looks amazing. Had no idea there were so many cacti looking plants up there
    March on. Hope still enjoying
    Lotsa love Mother Essles

  6. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi, Oi, Oi, (and honorary aussies as well). Good luck on the home stretch. Sadly won’t make Arusha as it is a school night!

  7. We are thinking of you on Australia Day as you push as a team for the summit of Kilimanjaro. Look after each other and enjoy the view from the top!!

  8. Hi Halfie and companions
    Rebecca and I have just enjoyed an Australia Day evening with Kevin Rudd and Ms Rein at the Lodge. The event was from 6 – 8pm. The queue was a mile ling so when offered the opportunity to side step the PM and make for the food and drink I choose that. Later we met him and I had a photo take with him. I think that Aunty Rosemary will be pleased. Today is a stinker , total fire ban. Thank God for my air conditioning. I am filled with awe at your youthful determination. Keep it up girls as I will use you and your efforts to inspire my students who are at Her Majesties pleasure. Halfie be inspired you have only a few days left as a ‘twenty something’. Jan 31 is the beginning of a new era for you. Being 30 will bring great joy and a realisation that you life is still ahead of you!! Wicked love from you Mother Dear.

    Girls congratulations on the effort that you have made. I am awe struck.

    Keep it up.


  9. Halfie I thought that you might like this!!

    Hi Mum,

    Please pass on birthday wishes to Rahab on our behalf.

    While we are away we don’t have reliable internet access, so can’t connect into the blogg.

    Love Rachael & Simon

  10. It’s great to hear that you’re all doing so well.

    Enjoy climbing Barranco Wall.

    Fiona & the SRI team

  11. I hope you are all feeling well and getting your energy up for the final push.Best wishes to you all and niamh our thoughts are with you .
    love from Mam & Dad

  12. Yo Harvey and all the girls,
    So so proud of how well you are doing and can’t wait to hear all about how you are dominating Kili. Keep it up – drink and snack ALL THE TIME! When else are you going to hear a friend tell you to do that!?
    I had many beers and sausages on your behalf today being Australia and am sending lots of Aussie love up that damn big mountain.
    Keeping going girls – you are amazing!

  13. Hi Aussie Boo and girls,
    Wonderful news that you are all rising to the challenge.
    Keep slogging – it will be so worth it.
    Good luck for the final ascent.
    Three cheers for the singing porters and guides!
    Heaps of love from Mum and Dad x


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