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Kili (View from Meru)

The team will be staying at Karanga Camp for the night, a swahili word for peanut. Word has it that Sheridan has been finishing off the stock of peanut butter on each mountain. She has even convinced a couple of the australian team members to enjoy a bit on their toast.

Snack Break

And speaking of the Australian team – Happy Australia Day! They are celebrating at camp and likely using this day as a holiday – one of their last before the summit. They are likely in good spirits since they are at a higher altitude than yesterday, 13000 ft/3963 mt.

After having breakfast this morning they tackled the Barranco Wall (the “Breakfast wall”)…a wall of rocks and scree sure to wake them up. It is not a terribly difficult task, but is much different than the average day of hiking. It requires the use of all fours and for those with a fear of heights – it isn’t always the most pleasant experience. However, the view from the top of the wall is well worth a snack break.

A message from the team came in early this morning stating,

Celebrating Australia Day up here. Just reached top of Barranco Wall. Please send more milo!

Not only is the peanut butter good but the supply of milo (hot cocoa) has been their favorite treat day and night.

Porters Singing at Camp

Many thanks to SIC for their recent blog post – the team is keeping those who you help support in their thoughts while they continue up Kilimanjaro.


And another big thanks to Skins for the awesome gear – 2 years in a row!!! Sheridan lost her pair of Skins but luckily after a quick panic attack – Jess had another back up pair. Big thanks!


  1. Good Luck on the final push! Can’t wait to hear your stories when you get back Tracie. xoxo

  2. Hope it’s all going well Niamhin, looking forward to hearing all soon, XXX Susan, Lily and Tom (a kindred spirit whose goal every day is to climb the stairs …today the stairs, tomorrow Kilimanjaro!!)

  3. Tonight, reach for the stars. The morning, touch the sun. You will be at the top of Africa!! Summit ALL!! Good Luck on accomplishing this Goal.
    All of you are doing an impossible dream for many of us. You all are so special!!!
    Sorry, can’t make the BBQ. I know a thousand
    others who wish they could be there too!!
    Godspeed. Finish up and down safely.
    We love you Sarah!!
    Aunt Suzanne and Grandma.

  4. Hope you enjoyed Australia Day. Hope you all reach the summit.
    Boo, lots of positive thoughts and energy being sent your way.

  5. Hi All,
    Good luck tonight, is it
    Will be thinking of you all. Hope feet and head coping with the metres
    and height
    Lotsa love Mother Essles

  6. Halfie

    Good luck for the ;\las t bit. We are all thinking of you and your companions. Loved the photos of you in your skins. I shall send you a photo of Bec and I with the Prime Minister!1 I spoke with him last night at The Lodge. Enjoy your last days as a youngster. may God keep you safe.

    Mother Dear and the tribe of your siblings

  7. Hi Boo and girls,
    Glad you enjoyed an unique Ausssie day on the slopes of Kili – sounded like a lot of fun!
    Good luck and good climbing – the reward will be immense.

    Heaps of love Boosie – we’re all with you!

    Mother Bear xoxox

  8. go girls! you all look very fit and happy! Harvey, Mum and I shook hands with Kevin Rudd last night! Very exciting!
    We are thinking of you! Keep up the good work girls!

  9. Good luck Boo and team as you head to the summit. Our thoughts are with you all, sounds like the singing porters will keep you motivated too! One step at a time and what an achievement it will be!!!! Stay safe,love from the Coens

  10. We are so excited for all of you!! Go girls go!! Stand tall, stand proud, stand together and know that our thoughts, prayers, excitement and yes, Sarah, positive energy are with you!!


    PS Sarah, don’t forget to tell the Aussies that your uncle is John Howard!!! πŸ™‚

  11. hey Harvey tart face hows it going! Sounds awesome.
    thinking of ya, back at work, so you not missing anything
    Enjoy the rest of it.. I have been in training in sympathy for you (chocolate minstrals, galaxy, marmite, alcohol.. yum yum).. tried to save you some..but you know how it goes

  12. c64icsc


  13. Good luck tonight peakers, wishing you strong legs and brave hearts. Will be in VERY early tomorrow morning and glued to the pc to find out how you’re all doing.
    Much love, Cathy and all at Rhino HQ

  14. Sending you lots of energetic thoughts for the rest of your climb! Godspeed! Sarah, say a prayer for our world when you get to the top!

  15. Good Luck Sheridan and Team Kili,

    Glad to hear your all doing fine, enjoying your climb and all thee peanut butter. You have almost made it to the top WOW!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you Sher.
    When you summit please say a prayer for health and safety for the duration. Wishing you love and congratulations on your mission. Me and Horsepuppy miss you. Love you, Mommmmmmy

  16. “Another turning point
    A fork stuck in the road
    Time grabs you by the wrist
    directs you where to go.
    So make the best of this test
    and don’t ask why.
    It’s not a question
    But a lesson learned in time.

    It’s something unpredictable
    but in the end it’s right.
    I hope you had the time of your life”



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