Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 28 January, 2010

From the Top of Africa!!!!!!

3 Peaks 3 Weeks

The sunrise this morning was spectacular. The region has seen little rain in the past week leaving most areas dusty and dry. The iconic orange sun of Africa was brilliant as its early morning glow penetrated through the hazy air. Slight wisps of clouds gave character to the sky, making the colors more contrasting and striking.

And…11 women stood on the top of Kilimanjaro!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summit - Uhuru Point 5895m - Kilimanjaro

A very windy call was made from Godson, one of the head guides. Though it was difficult to hear him, it was clear that all 11 had made it to the summit, all 11 were on their way back down safely. There was little energy in his voice…but it was clear he was smiling.

Congratulations to the 2010 team!!!

A message was just received from them exclaiming:

We ROCK! All 11 of us summited Kili this morning at 715am. Delighted, excited and exhausted!

Glaciers on top of Kilimanjaro


  1. Well done Team WOW! You guys ROCK!
    Harvey….YOU ROCK GIRL!
    Pat your self on the back!!
    Bec and clan!

  2. A huge congratulations to the team – the 11 women, guides, porters and crew. Well done Ema, Paul, Godson and co on leading a fantastic expedition. We are thrilled to hear of the summit this morning and can only imagine how rewarding it would be to see the sunrise over Africa. Well done to the girls – after 12 months of intense preparation you deserve to celebrate – and I am sure you will..

  3. Amazing!

    BRAVO, Very Well Done!

  4. Congratulations and thanks to Laura too – fantastic ground operations and communication management!!!

  5. YAY!!!! That’s great news – well done everyone! Enjoy the party in Arusha!

  6. Nice one. Well done all!

  7. Rock on rocks girls, you’ve excelled!! So excited for you all.

  8. What an amazing fantastic wonderful achievement- Amy you are OUR heroine!!!

  9. Congrats Halfie, as you descend into middle age at the foot of the mountain.



  10. Kilitastic!
    So proud of you all – what an amazing thing you have done. And how wonderful that all 11 of you made all 3 peaks together – you’re incredible.
    Huge thanks to your lovely guides, porters, cooks and camp crew, who share in your success.
    Respect! Cathy at Rhino HQ

  11. YAY!!!!! Well done team.
    Way to go Boo!!!!!!
    So great you all got to experience the sunrise over Africa together. Wow, 3 peaks in 3 weeks – if you can do that girls, you can do anything!!!
    Thankyou for sharing your wonderful journey with us.
    What a fabulous thing you have all done, all the hard work, not just in the climb but all year leading up to it. Well done!
    Can’t wait to see you Boo and hear all about it!!!!
    Lots of love

  12. Woo hoo Boo!!!!
    Of course great going to all of you. The challenge of three peaks in three weeks is an unbelievable one and to think you all managed is amazing. You must be so proud of yourselves and now believe that all things are possible.
    It has been great to follow your epic journeys via this blog. I hope you can make a book of all the blogs: yours and ours to have as a keepsake that could be handed down.
    Hope I get to see you when I visit your parents on 9th!
    Mal et al

  13. Sarah and all the girls,
    Wow! You’ve done it!! Congratulations!!! Three Peaks in Three Weeks! It must have been so inspiring to have stood on the roof of Africa. Dad and I are so proud and happy for you. Thank you for taking on this challenge and making a difference in the lives of so many. At school today instead of awarding a student the U-Rock Award, I am giving it to you! We are so excited to see you on Sunday.
    Love, Mom and Dad

  14. Sarah and gang,
    Congrats! It must be an awesome feeling.

  15. Congrats to all of u!

  16. Three cheers to you Boo, your teammates, guides and porters on your outstanding achievement. You must feel so elated despite exhaustion. Descend with care, enjoy the party and so looking forward to seeing you bright and early on Monday! Mountains of love, mother bear xox

  17. Dear Sarah and all,
    Congratulations!! What a great reward for all your hard work at home and there in Africa. You all have touched so many. Reflections for a lifetime. Thank you to the guides, porters, and other crew members who have kept you safe, feed and have shown you the way. Thank you Laura for these blogs – a lifeline especially to nontexters. Thank you 3 peak 3 weeks Org for all the good you do. Desend Kili safely, enjoy the BBQ and party party party!!!
    Love Aunt Suzanne

  18. We are on top of the world right now and we aren’t even there!! With tears in our eyes we say, well done girls (and supporters), well done!

    Sarah, hopefully, there will be a chicken at the bbq and then your life will have come full circle!!

    Love from another of Sarah’s “Team Aunts and Uncles”


  19. A massive congratulations to all of you!!

    You have done amazingly well to all summit all three mountains as a team!

    Well done and enjoy the party tomorrow.


  20. fantastic finish. congrats to all. thanks for taking care of our girls, thanks to the crew and everyone involved with 3 peaks 3 weeks. much love and excitment, mon and dad and puppies


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  23. CONGRATULATIONS girls! Can’t wait to be there next year!!! Enjoy the party, you deserve it!
    Charlotte (3P3W Team 2011)

  24. Absolutely fantastic. Am thrilled you all made it…achieving is a buzz
    Thanks Laura for the great writings.They are devoured each am with breakfast.
    Sarah Esslemont

  25. Congratulations Niamh and girls. Its amazing what you all have achieved and I hope you have a well deserved rest after such a tough few weeks.


    P.S. Somebody bake a cake for Niamh on Saturday!!!! 🙂

  26. Sarah and team,

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a spectacular achievement! Come back safely and god bless!


    Kate and Andrew

  27. WOOHOO Sarah and the team!!!!

    We’ve been following along and we are so proud of all of you. What an amazing accomplishment. Thank you for all that you guys have done. 🙂

  28. AWESOME!!! I get chills thinking about what you have accomplished! What a great team!

  29. Sarah & team,
    Thnks for sharing your inspirational journey! Photos are wonderful .God speed to each one of you amazing gals.

  30. Great job ladies! You all rock!

    Jeanne: I love you! Be safe!

  31. Sarah, How will you be able to come down to earth and return to chorale rehearsals? What a mundane event after what you’ve been through. I’ve so enjoyed the reports and incredibly admire you.

  32. Sarah! We are so thrilled for you and your fellow teammates. Absolutely amazing. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Our prayers are with you for a safe return. We can’t wait to see you.

  33. WELL DONE ! Congratulations to all. I’m in awe of your accomplishment!This from Sheridan’s grandmother…..

  34. Sarah,

    Congratulations to you…..and to the entire team.
    What an exhilarating accomplishment! It was wonderful following your journey.

    Godspeed as you head home! Hope to see you and your ‘cello after you’ve rested up.


  35. Mission accomplished. Congratulations one and all! It is now all downhill! Ha! Ha! I wish all a safe trip home. Now you can share your adventures with the rest of the world firsthand. Take care!

  36. What a sensational achievement. The peak of endurance, the peak of enjoyment and the peak itself. 3 peaks. Will everyday life ever compare?? All the best with your subsequent journey.

  37. Congratulations! Well done that’s fantastic-enjoy the party! Lucy -Save the Rhino

  38. Hey Sarah!
    Wow your amazing trip was a success! I can’t wait to see some of your pictures and hear your stories. You should bring a rock home from africa, so mom could have a special “u-rock”. Come home rest up and start planning your next adventure.


  39. Hi Sarah!

    Wow, you are in Africa! How exciting! Be the light of the world! I can’t wait to see you and hear all about your great adventures! Your Mom checks your blog everyday! You are so blessed to have such a loving family! The Lords Angels are all around you!
    Traveling mercies to you & all your new friends!


  40. Sarah and Team-

    You are AWESOME!! I can imagine all the smiles as you all reached the top. Enjoy the rest of your adventure!

    Best Regards,

  41. Hello family, co-workers and friends – Well we did it, 3 Peaks in 3 Weeks. All of us heathly, happy and summiting together each time. I am leaving Tanzania today and am most sad. I am excited to tell you all the stories about my journey. It’s not about the destintation to each peak, its the path and the sides of the mountain which are important. I am going to miss all my new rafiki’s (friends) here and can’t wait to come back really soon to visit! See you soon – Sarah Winters Papsun

  42. Tracie and the Go Girl Team
    Congratulations! Did you save any Rhinos up there? Can’t wait for the stories…remember…no embellishment!

  43. Sarah, you are amazing along with your entire team and everyone who accompanied you all in every way! Your ministry in Africa touches so many lives in more ways than we can know. Thank you for every step you all took to be the change you want to see in the world! And welcome home, never to be the same again!!!
    Molly Zimmerer


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