Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 7 January, 2011

11 Women for 2011!!!

2011 Team unites in Nairobi


Let the 2011 challenge begin!

Yesterday, our entire 3 Peaks 3 Weeks team finally came together at the Heron Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. It was a very long day of travelling for some and for all and was an exciting event to meet face-to-face!  Luckily, despite all of the weather issues in Europe, canceled flights and delayed flights, the entire team arrived safely with all luggage in hand! Lynne, Kaitlyn and Sarah were the last to arrive around 11pm, but none-the-less full of energy and greeted by a few other team members  jet-lagged and able to stay up late to welcome them. Many others had retired because we had an early wake-up call and a jam-packed day ahead.

Ema (3 Peaks Head Guide), Kaitlyn and woman from Kazuri Beads

This morning we woke up to bird cries and the sounds of Nairobi traffic. After breakfast we set out for a tour of Nairobi – our first stop to a bead factory called Kazuri, a swahili word meaning something little and beautiful. Women work at this factory and make the beads by hand. To our surprise, the majority of women employed at the factory are single mothers who are not only provided with work, but also with a health care package. Some of the older women have worked there for more than 25 years! If making beads is your passion – Kazuri would be a dream job! All of their employees and their families are supported not only with healthcare but with the ebbs and flows of life in general. Of course, we bought plenty of items in the bead shop to support this initiative.

Sheldrick Elephant Orphanege, Nairobi

After that we visited an elephant orphanage. The baby elephants are rescued from abandonment or from the sides of their poached mothers and brought to this refuge by Kenya’s Wildlife Service (KWS). They rest in stalls at night to keep them safe from predators and during the day they are taken out to the refuge to wander together. They are fed several times a day by bottle and they play in a small pond in front of many tourists. They are very cute and friendly, plunging themselves into the mud to wallow and keep cool. When they are 5 – 10 years of age, the elephants are released, as a family or group, to the wild – and incredible effort!

Lynne, Tara, Louise, Kelly & Sarah (and Holly in the background) at Elephant Orphanege

We then had lunch and a briefing regarding our first climb – Mt Kenya. Though it is still a couple days away, we are eagerly anticipating the start.
Tomorrow, we have a five hour drive to the base of Mt. Kenya. All of us ladies, feel excited and ready to climb. Nairobi has been a great welcome but we are ready to press on and head toward the mountain.
Many thanks to all who are following/supporting us and please keep reading for more to come from the 4th annual 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Challenge.
– Sarah Kaczor, 2011 team member


  1. Girls,
    Thinking about you as you prepare to start climbing your first mountain! I can remember what it was like this time last year looking up at Mount Kenya as it the peak revealed itself out of the clouds …… excitement, nerves, wondering what lies ahead. You’ll have a wonderful time. Look after each other, work as a team and you’ll make it together.
    Kwa Pamoja!

  2. To the 2011 team,

    What an amazing accomplishment you all have achieved already! We anxiously await hearing about your experiences. My thoughts and prayers go with you for safe, awe producing, climbs!

    You all are truly inspiring! Thank you for your service. Give Lynne Knutson an extra hug from us!!!

    Sonja H.

  3. Well done girls. I shall enjoy hearing of your daily triumphs. Last year I waited with bated breath as Rahab (Harvey ), my daughter, was one of the climbers. This year i shall enjoy your daily reports. Keep strong and enjoy.

    Gabrielle, Harvey;s Mum

  4. to sarah kaczor and the rest of the team, things are looking great and love the site and we are all with you on this challange. stay safe and healthy, love to all, uncle doug

  5. Best wishes to you all ladies!!!

  6. Way to go 2011 team! You are all going to do great! I can’t wait to hear about the climbs!


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