Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 10 January, 2011

Day 1 – Butterflies & Tears

2011 team at Sirimon Gate (2440m - 8000ft)

With Mount Kenya only steps away, the team awoke early in anticipation of the climb. Though other days, they struggled to get ready, today, they were prepped and kitted several minutes before our set departure time.

At 9am we headed in cars to the Sirimon Gate where they had a last opportunity to slap on suncream and practice using trekking poles. From there it would be a gradual 3 – 4 hour hike to the first camp, Old Moses (3300m – 10,826ft). Luckily for the team, the skies were blue with only a few scattered clouds – perfect climbing weather.

Setting out for the first day's hike

After a few photos at the park gate, the team set off at a slow and steady pace, sure to get them into proper trekking rhythm. With a quick lunch break en route, the team arrived at Old Moses by 4:15pm. Their update read:

We have made it to the Old Moses camp on Mount Kenya! It’s been a great first day and spirits are high. Food here has redefined our idea of roughing it and we feel very lucky! Excited for tomorrow!

Another report arrived from Holly, courtesy of her Blackberry, with the following photos (picture quality low due to format):

A good start!

Lunch en route (Laura, Tara, Sarah & Lynne)

Arrival at Camp Moses

And guess who is back to take care of the team again with the best hospitality and spirit to keep the team well fed….


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  1. I have been waiting with baited breath for this post. It has begun in earnest and you women are amazing, awesome and courageous. Sleep well and revel in your accomplishments thus far. Love and big hugs.

  2. Yea Kelly! The picture was small, but I recognized your jacket! Love you! Jeri

  3. so excited to read these posts every day!! It really helps us stay informed and know that all is going well! love the pics! We are very proud of you Kelly and all the women that have taken this on!! All stay healthy!!! Love, Becky

  4. It’s wonderful to follow your progress through narriative and pictures. Keep em coming.

  5. Yes – I love that Simba is back! Enjoy the morning bed tea (whether you want it or not) and make sure your plate is always clear. Second helpings are mandatory, not optional.

    And of course, enjoy the nice weather!!

  6. These daily update reports are really important and interesting. I am glad to know that your progress on Mt. Kenya is proceeding as planned, and that you are all doing well.

  7. Dear Team:
    My yoga class dedicated our mountain poses in your honor this morning. Our instructor made sure we got lots of mountains in. Lots of kharma coming your way from sea level in beautiful Kennebunk, Maine. Love and encouragement to all.

  8. I am delighted to hear that Simba is back again. Harvey thought he was wonderful last year. Thanks for the updates both written and visual. I am really enjoying them. Keep up the great time and enjoy. It will give you memories for many years to come!

    Gabrielle Jarvis, mother of Harvey of 2010 climb

  9. Girls – all you need is Simba. He’ll feed you when you’re hungry, water you when you’re thirsty, smile and dance for you after a long day of trekking and best of all sing and inspire you on summit nights!! We love Simba and you will too.
    He is THE best. šŸ˜‰
    PS Laura – say hi to Simba, Ema, Paul and all the guides and porters.

  10. We are so proud of all of you. Have a great time and keep the updates coming! We enjoy following you.
    Love you,
    Auntie jill and Uncle Dave

  11. Holly, I am so proud of you! I will definitely be keeping up to date with your blog. Enjoy! I will be ready for a zoolu date when you get back.

  12. Hey Holl! I have been checking the blog everyday…..looking for updates! You guys look great! We are so proud of you! Great job!

    Loves, B and family!

  13. Man you guys are awesome, what an amazing adventure! I am jealous and proud of you all! Big ups to you cool girls, especially Miss Lynne.
    PS, I may or may not have a huge crush on this man you call Simba! He sounds amazing and looks like a model. So give him a hug for me. šŸ™‚

  14. Go Sarah! It’s great to see you and your team are really on your way. Enjoy the great weather and take in all the beauty throughout each climb!

  15. Kwa Pamoja (all together) 3 Peaks 2011 is going to summit Mt. Kenya!

    Girls I am so proud of you all. I have been following the blog and wanted to wish you all lots of luck, good energy and positivity. I hope you have been taking time to mediate on a quote before meals, give gratitude for the day and pass around the ibelieve band-aid to the team member that rocked that day! You are all great ambassadors for 3 Peaks 3 Weeks and The Peaks Foundation. Let your light shine bright as you climb Mt. Kenya for Laikipia Wildlife Forum! On the 2010 trek of Kenya we lived in our rain gear, I am glad it is not the same for you, enjoy the sunshine!

    -Sarah Winters Papsun, 2010 3 Peaks team member and iB-lieve Ambassador

  16. for Valerie,
    fyi- Birth is scheduled for Wed, Jan. 12. Induction starts at 8:30 am MST

  17. Can you all believe you are actually on foot and doing it??!! So exciting! After months of preparing and dedicating your lives to these causes and efforts, you can now soak it all up and focus on the day ahead. Thousands of people out there across the world are behind you and cheering you on, and I am certainly one of them. (Even if I am a little jealous that you were all able to visit the Chimpanze, Rhino and Baby Elephant Sanctuaries – wow – how incredible!!!)

    Thanks for the extra pics Holly xxoo

  18. Your smile says it all Kaczor šŸ™‚ Rock on love ya girl! xo

  19. Lynne — Mount Kenya must be a sight to behold and every step a thrill. Since you’re the “older woman” of the group, all of us who are sixtysomething are especially rooting for you. You are representing your generation well. And you look fabulous in the photos. Keep them coming! Love, Joyce

  20. KAZ! Looking great girl!! So happy all is well! :-)- Clem

  21. l keep dreaming out loud we are so proud of you cant make out the polka dot hat and prayers to all


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