Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 11 January, 2011

Day 2 – Second Day Underway!

View of summit (on right) from Old Moses (Camp 1)

The clouds rolled in today, draping the mountain with a sea of gray. Though the morning began with clear skies, by early afternoon rain began hitting the slopes. From base camp the winds gave inkling to the cold that the team was experiencing on the mountain. None-the-less, by lunch the team had pushed on and made it to the second camp, Liki North.

Liki Valley

The team’s sun dances worked, and by late afternoon the clouds parted and allowed them to further prep their bodies by hiking higher to one of the nearby ridge lines. They are practicing the philosophy to “walk high, sleep low” and use the height to acclimatize, but the descent back down to camp to recover.

From the ridge they managed to get an ounce of mobile phone reception, enough to send the following update:

Day 2 on Mt Kenya is so far a success!  Today was much steeper and colder but the clouds occasionally part, giving us a peak of the snow-capped summit that keeps us pumped and moving forward! Sending love from 3993 meters (13,100 feet)!

Let’s take a second to meet a couple team members…

Lynne Knutson - USA

Sarah Kaczor - USA

Charlotte Peyrat Vaganay - FRANCE

Please feel free to send your support to the team. Text them at: +254710899341

Camp 2 - Liki North

Many thanks for all of the comments – many have been passed along and are keeping the team encouraged and hopes high!

The team will be notified of all donations that are made on the website while they are on the mountain. Donate now!

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  1. Nice job everyone from the bottom on up. Thanks so much for your wonderful posting. Kaitlyn, we received your photo. You look good in blue. XXOOMOM
    PS: Everyone loves Simba! What DOES he put in that tea???!!!! I want some!

  2. Good job girls!!! It’s really cool to read the updates and see the photos… Wish you all the best for the days ahead!! And to you, Sis’, bon courage et garde toute ta détermination pour le défi de ta vie :)) On pense tous bien à toi!! It’s going to be legen – wait for it- dary!!! Bisous à toi et tes coéquipières!

  3. Love back to you all from Notre Dame, Indiana where we have three feet of snow and more on the way.

  4. Hey Kaitlyn, thanks for the picture! You girls are doing great! I really do love being able to check in everyday to see your daily activities!
    Wishing everyone safe days ahead!
    Love, Darlene

  5. Way to go strong women! This blog is a joy to read. Learning about your accomplishments and seeing pictures of your smiling faces provides comfort, hope and inspiration. Climb on!

  6. Thinking you all, especially Kelly!! Hang tough when the mountain seems steeper and the weather seem colder. Enjoy it in-between (if there is an in-between)!

  7. Hope you’re staying healthy Kelly, we know you are strong, Love, Mom

  8. We look forward to every blog entry and every photo…and are sending them on to family and friends. We are so proud of you, Sarah and bless you and all of the women. Safe journey. Love, Mom and Dad

  9. Sounds like you all had a great climb today.It is an unexpected privilege to follow
    your journey each day.take lots of deep breaths .
    Love ya,

  10. Hey Sis! Luke and I just sat down to check out your adventure so far. We love seeing the pictures of you and your team. Just sitting here smiling, knowing your safe and having a blast. Hope you don’t mind, but I posted some of the pictures on the blog on FB so all your friends can see you in action. Love you so much!

    Hay cioci, its Luke i am so proud of what you and your teammates are doing, you girls are heroes. Love you cioci and good luck. TTYL xoxoxoxoxoxooooooxxxxxxx 🙂

  11. John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, said “When a man comes to the mountains, he comes home.”

    Quotes played a big part of the 2010 journey and continue as part of the weekly 3P3W emails that make me smile every Friday.

    Well, what would John Muir say to 11 women coming to the mountains?

    I bet he would say that you will find friends for life, a deep love for all things East Africa, a fondness for hiking poles, and a compulsive need for bed tea… 🙂

    But even more than this… I hope you find strength, confidence and determination in yourselves. More than you ever thought possible.

    Best of luck for continued success, 2011! You are off to great start and I’m so excited to read about your journey.

    You are in the best hands out there – Goddy, Paul, Ema, Simba, Laura + the Summits Team… all rockstars!

    Wishing you HEAPS of luck!

    Keep shining ❤

  12. hang in there charlie,get to the top of the mountain.
    see you soon

  13. Keep up the good work girls!! Getting closer to peak #1.


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