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Day 3 – Summit Bid for Lenana

3 Peaks Guides, Porters, Camp Crew, and Coordinator

The town of Nanyuki at the base of Mount Kenya is bustling with farmers, mountain guides/porters, shopowners and even the British Army who use the the mountain for training prior to assignments in Afghanistan. Just outside of town, giraffe and elephants roam the wild lands. School children rush into their classrooms, often never receiving the opportunity to explore the wondrous animals that tourists travel miles to see. Farmers work daily to provide for themselves and their family, to live in coexistence with this wildlife and preserve their resources for future generations. Laikipia Wildlife Forum assists communities to promote conservation.

Wildlife in Laikipia

All of these thoughts and images are kept close to the minds and hearts of our team as they push on another day up Mount Kenya. A message came in from the team at 9:30am this morning that read:

Good morning! We are on the trail and everyone is pretty good. We will send an update in a few hours. It’s cold!

No more word has come in from the team or the guides, as they have likely climbed out of mobile reception into the Shipton’s valley. From here they will leave to head to the summit, Point Lenana, in just 6 hours!

Rain clouds have engulfed the mountain this afternoon, and though the lower slopes are still visible, it is likely that the team is  experiencing some form of precipitation, be it snow, sleet or rain. Let’s all do a sun dance and send them our energy and support as they take on their first peak!

And in the meantime meet a few more team members…

Tara Gibbs - AUSTRALIA

Valerie Rosenberg - USA

Kelly Donithan - USA

Kaitlyn Oddy - USA

The team will be notified of all donations that are made on the website while they are on the mountain. Donate now!

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  1. Thank you, Laura. Best wishes to the entire team for the final climb. Hopefully the sun will shine and they will have the beautiful view that they deserve.
    Looking froward to tomorrow’s post. XXOOMOM
    Look out for pushy giraffes on the way back!

  2. Jambo Team 2011! Love the blog updates, Keep them coming! Way to go Tara Gibbs on the IB-lieve Band-Aid! Good on you! I see Simba has been rocking the 2010 blue IB-lieve Band-Aid, which he was given for all his choir directing / singing and surprises to keep moral high all the way to the top of Kili! Love all the pictures Laura has been posting! I heard there is some rain or snow on Mt. Kenya, keep your spirits warm by singing, telling silly stories and remember laughter is the best medicine! I believe in each of you! Sarah K check the pockets of your rain gear… you might find a little surprise! Et, Charlotte tout le monde ne peut pas attendre pour voir le drapeau français sur le dessus du Mont Kenya! Sending best wishes to all!

  3. Please hold our love, best wishes and prayers to your hearts to keep you warm. You all have so much courage and tenacity. Please tell Lynne Knutson that her old friend, Mr. P. wishes he was there to help keep her cozy and comfortable.

  4. sending you all some sunshine from Arizona!

  5. Laura Gerber, I’m here! I’m here! At least I think so. Everything dark and cramped.

  6. kelly we r thinking of you and feel inspired just to live a little bit better this very day all because of what you and your team are doing. sending arizona’s january spring weather your way.

  7. By the time you read this comment, you will all have your first peak under your belt! Be strong and keep hydrating! And my secret trick was to always suck on hard candies on summit nights. It always helped!

    Thinking of you all tonight from very very snowy NY!

    xoxo Tracie

  8. Val,
    Your new nephew Eli was born 3:00 pm PST. He is 6′ 14″ and 20 in. The delivery was fine, and everone is doing well. Have a great climb to the summit.
    Dad and Mom

  9. Thinking of you all on summit night! Stick together and stay strong! And do the “fat spider scramble” at the top! Can’t wait to hear the news and see the photos of all of you at the top. The best feeling in the world!!! – Brooke, 3p3w 09

  10. Robbieism of the Day (Robbie Ventura-Ex Pro Cyclist & Lance Armstrong Teammate)
    “We believe……
    The harder you work, the luckier you get.”
    Bonus Robbieism
    “We believe….
    In celebrating personal victories.”

    Team Lynne says, “Go, Go, Go, Go, Go!”

  11. I am in awe of the journey all of you are on. Sending lots of love and positive energy your direction–especially to my good friend Lynne. Climb on and shine on dearest friend!

    “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
    –Mohandas K. Gandhi


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