Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 13 January, 2011

Day 4 – Summit Lenana

View from Lenana

Though the evening was filled with clouds, by early morning they had cleared. Stars were visible and by the time the sun was rising, there was not a single cloud to be seen.

The hike to the summit Point Lenana, is no easy feat. Scree slopes, chilling winds and rocky scrambling will take advantage of you at every moment possible. Mental determination and stamina are needed to keep from turning back.

Prior to their summit bid a text was received from the team saying:

The whole team has arrived at Shiptons camp at 13,800ft. Tonight we will be heading up to the summit so wish us luck! Our team has grown very close and we are pumped for 3am!

To prepare the team, the guides woke up each team member at 2:30am and prepped them with tea and biscuits before heading to the trail. The climb up will be relayed by the team on the next blog when they are down the mountain.

At 7:20am the following text came through:

Have replaced self-doubt as we have successfully climbed Mt Kenya for conservation. One down, two to go!

2011 team member reaching up for last push to the summit (low quality photo-sent from mountain)

To confirm everyone had made it to the summit and to relay their health status, Ema, their head guide sent the following message:

All summited. Everyone in good spirit. Few headaches but otherwise fine.

Ema, head guide

As the team descends, their headaches will cease. Unfortunately due to heavy snowfall this year, their route down entails a detour. A very steep and exposed ridgeline has made the guides uneasy, so they will circumnavigate part of the peak to detour around it. From there, they will continue down from Lenana 4895m (16355 feet) to Met Station at 3050m (1000ft). It will be a grueling day – but their accomplishment is sure to keep them energized for the hike down.

2010 team descending Mount Kenya

Well done ladies!!!!!!!

Meet the rest of the team…

Holly Upper - USA

Laura Corney - AUSTRALIA

Louise Anderson - SCOTLAND

And did we mention they are being filmed?!…

Doug McCann, Filmer USA

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  1. Congratulations Loradora! One down, two to go. Believe in the dream.
    Love Mum and Dad

  2. Fantastic news girls – we are all thrilled to hear of your safe arrival on the summit of Kenya. Enjoy the celebrations with the LWF!

  3. congratulations team!!!! such fantastic news and v.glad to hear that all are safe and well. You should be extremely proud of your achievement. Boo xx

  4. Kaczor, you are doing it girl!!! So amazing! I am so proud of you:) Keep on trucking girls!!!

  5. Congratulations Val and all the members of the team on your terrific accomplishment! You should be very proud.

  6. Yeah Team!!!!! So happy to wake up to this news. Congratulations Kaitlyn! Love you and can’t wait to hear from you. Dad and Sean send their love. XXOOMOM Enjoy a nice rest before Meru.
    Laura, thanks for the news. So appreciated.

  7. WooHoo!!!! Great News! TEAM 2011 ROCKS!!!!!! What a fantastic accomplishment! Love and Big Hugs to all of you!!! Please hold my sister, Lynne, closely like I would if I was there.

  8. Congratulations, girls! Enjoy the baboons at the Met Station!

  9. Yeah!!! You did it ladies! I’m so proud of you Sarah, I can’t say it enough! I still can’t believe your in Africa right now conquering some of the worlds highest mountains, so amazing. Bet you wish you had your skis for the way down. I look forward to every blog and picture.
    Hugs & kisses-Keek

  10. congrats!!!! So happy to wake up this morning to this news!! We are proud of you all and wish you all the luck coming must feel great to have one mountain done. It has been so cool to keep up with your journey.
    We love you, kel, love, mom

  11. Hey Kelly and Team, One peak down and two to go. I’m so proud of you gal’s !!! Be safe on the way down ! Looking forward to your next post. I love you Kelly, dad

  12. Kelly I am sooo proud of you. Girl you are kicking butt! What a wonderful day! I’ll be watching your progress….PS I’m praying for you all! Love ya! Mo


  14. Wow! You did it! I so enjoy being able to track your progress and accomplishments! You are all an inspiration to us. Climb on Lynne and the rest of you awesome ladies!

  15. AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!!! All I have to say is I am so jealous! Fantastic effort ladies- well done! Keep it going- I am in the process of getting some more donations together for you! This is just so inspiring!

  16. Congrats 2011 Team! You should all be very proud – and hope you enjoy celebrating with the LWF!!! I am dreaming of the summit views (from sea level in NYC).
    Brooke, 3p3w 09

  17. Way to go girls!!! Sarah it’s great to see my niece doing what she set out to do; and that’s climbing mountains. I know your Babci is pretty proud of you right now. Look forward to more blogs, as you girls climb your Second mountain.

    Big Hugs,
    Cioci Mania

  18. Kaitlyn, I did 22+ mountain poses (2 for each of you) once I knew you were climbing to the summit. After reading this morning’s news that you had reached the top, I looked at the picture you sent me which is tiny. I only found your caption today and realized it is a picture of all of you doing mountains and sending them back. Thank you all. It was and is an emotional connection. I BELIEVE. XXOOMOM

  19. Well Done Tara and all the girls !!! Wow what a team and great team spirit !!!! Photos are amazing and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care and have a good rest when you return . Hope your body is holding out !! We are very proud of what you have done !!! love mum, dad and all the family xxxxxx

  20. Congratulations to everyone. Holly, Zoe is very proud of you and misses you.

  21. Hi Sarah and Team 2011, You did it! Such an amazing accomplishment to have reached the summit at sunrise. Was is breathtakingly beautiful? What does it sound like at the top of the world? I mean other than the cheers and tears of you all as you stood at the top. Is it a peaceful quiet or it there a sound …a sound that can only be heard at the top of Mt Kenya.
    What does it smell like? Is it like the clean smell after a rain or the pristine smell of a new snowfall.(of which we got quite a bit BTW) or does it smell like the rocks along a mossy creek?
    Just wondering.
    Hugs to you all… celebration. God Bless.
    Sarah, Take LOTS of photos….Love you, Sweetie, Mom

  22. AMAZING!!! What a wonderful experience!! Our thoughts and prayers are with the whole team. Kelly, the Higgins Family sends their love and don’t forget the Abby picture! XOXOXOX Jenny

  23. Sarah and Team 2011. You are amazing and to think that you stood on one of the three highest peaks in Africa today.WOW!! You make us all proud to be a part of your undertakings. We love you and will be with you all the way!!! And to my Sarah Ruth, did you feel the hand of babci help you get to the top or was she there waiting for you? She told me she would always be there for you. I love you and my chest bursts with pride for what you’ve challenged yourself to accomplish!!! Love, Dad

  24. We are so proud of you Val! Hang in there-
    Love, Rina

  25. Way to go on the recent climb! You ladies are absolutely amazing. Enjoy it and take in every moment! XO-Aunt Lynnie!

  26. Sarah and team 2011 – You ROCK!!!! I am SO proud of you!! Enjoy and relish every moment!!!

    xoxox – “cousin” gayle

  27. Really, really happy for you all, and admirative. Would love to know what you talk about at 3 in the morning while you have your tea and biscuits before starting out. Anyway, bravo from the folks at the business school where Charlotte works in France!

  28. Congratulations ladies – you should be so proud of yourselves. Enjoy every second and I look forward to hearing about Meru and Kili summit! Amy B

  29. You all should be very proud of this first adventure All your preparation should be
    celebrated.Kudos,Stay Centered

  30. Congrats girls and to Snickerdoodle! I think you girls rock!!! Keep posting pictures. Love the sunrise photos.

  31. Congratulations Laura on conquering mountain one. Our prayers will be with you to succeed with the next two.


    Juliet and Agoes

  32. I love the vid’!!! J’espère juste qu’on te verra un peu plus sur la prochaine Sis’!!!
    On pense tous bien à toi (Mum, Georges, Mamie, les couz, les frères et soeurs, Papa, les potes via fb, les emails que j’espère tu arriveras à avoir au fur et à mesure!!)
    Tiens bon, concentre toi et PROFIIITE aussi!
    Des bisous!


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