Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 16 January, 2011

Day 6 – Rest & Recovery

Team 2011

Today was a much-needed rest day, after a long, dusty journey from Kenya to Tanzania yesterday. The road was bumpy and the border crossing was less than thrilling, but we arrived in Arusha without a hitch and got to enjoy the beautiful Tanzanian countryside (and views of Meru and Kili) along the way.

Mountain Pose on Mount Kenya

After a full night of sleep, many of us spent today lounging around the pool at the Ilboru Safari Lodge, our temporary home. Several of the trekkers even engaged in a rousing game of waterball with a some youthful fellow hotel guests. A couple of the 3P3W ladies took off for an afternoon walk through Ilboru, where they saw families strolling in their Sunday best, shop owners chatting with regulars, and children playing games in their yards. Before heading to dinner at a nearby food court with an overwhelming number of servers and menu options, we were briefed for Mt. Meru. We’re all getting energized and eager to set out, but not before we enjoy a day at St. Jude’s tomorrow. We’re learning that Mt. Meru will be a very different challenge from what we’ve experienced so far–one that the team’s solidarity will be vital in conquering. Don’t worry, friends and family, we’ll do it with smiles on our faces for the kids of St. Jude’s!
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  1. I’m excited for you, Charlotte. St Jude’s tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear about it. Enjoy your break, everyone!

  2. Sounds like you are all having an amazing time. Can’t wait to hear all about it on a safe return home. It looks absolutely AMAZING over there. Have a great time Sunshine. We are all thinking of you here. Miss you lots. Em xo

  3. It was so good to be able to read another post. Was Lynne one of the team who walked through Ilboru? The pictures are wonderful. I live for these posts, so please accept my gratitude for your efforts. My best and love to the entire team.

  4. Love love love mountain pose. Can’t wait to see pictures of the children and the school. Great cause!!! Go girls. Take care on the Meru climb. XXOOMOM/DAD/SEAN

  5. Can’t wait to see the St jude pics!! Have a great time there girls! et je suis très contente pour toi Charlotte car je suis sûre que cette journée va booster ta motivation!
    PS: love the mountain pose too!!

  6. Hey Soul Sister…!
    …I don’t want to miss a single thing you dooo…tonight. Got that song in my head everytime I think of you. I am glad you got a chance to read the comments posted here and catchup on Facebook posts. Your friends are cheering you on! Especially thrilled at your response back to me. Seeing your face in the photos gives me peace of mind and makes me smile every time. I wish you the best as you climb Mt Meru. I know you can do it!
    Love You Always-Kiki

  7. Sarah you are such a You-Tube ham!!! Loved it, espacially your beautiful smile and beaming personality!! Love you, Pops


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