Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 19 January, 2011

Day 9 – Saddle hut

Team in front of classrooms at St Jude's they have supported through their fundraising

The climb from Miriakamba hut (2514m – 8248 ft) to Saddle hut (11712m – takes about 5 hours. The team awoke early, as usual, enjoyed a quick breakfast and then took to the trail. The forest continues to offer shade and views of the summit peak through the canopy every once in awhile. All have been feeling well and until now have had no problems. After using Mount Kenya’s trek for acclimatization, Mount Meru should be less of a struggle due to altitude, but is still steep and tiresome on the legs!

Team with St Jude's girls yesterday

The team will be woken up just after midnight to attempt their second summit, Socialist’s Peak (4566m – 14980 ft). The hike will take place while it’s dark – a factor that not only helps with reducing the heat of the midday sun, but also distracts the climbers from what they are actually doing. On their way down, they will become aware of the steep ridgelines and rocky edges that camouflage themselves in the darkness. The guides take special care and will monitor the team every step of the way, assisting them over precarious sections of the trail and ensuring they make it to the summit together.

The School of St Jude is just below Mount Meru and there is not doubt that many smiling faces will be looking up at the mountain tomorrow morning as the team stands on the summit looking out past the rift valley, past Kilimanjaro, as the sun gently rises over the foothills below.

Storm clouds have moved in just over the past couple hours and we can only hope they let up before the team sets off.

LIVE from the mountain - hiking today

LIVE from the mountain - Photo at Saddle Hut

All donations made to the team in the next 24 hours will be sent to their phone as boosts of encouragement. Help them climb by pledging your support!

Climb on!


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  1. chris we hope the climb is uneventful..the memories you took with you from the school children will spur you on you and the women you are climbing with have our undying admiration and gratitude

  2. Spent the afternoon watching the storm clouds gathering over Majestic Meru and thinking of you all. We had a mighty wind and then a short storm – a great relief for us down here after a stinking hot day but I could only think of you all on the mountain hopefully warm and dry in the huts. As the almost full moon silhouetted the peak, I could see it was clear so hopefully it will stay that way for tomorrow morning. I’ll be waving from my balcony at St Jude’s!

  3. Laura, thank you for yet another wicked awesome blog. Yes, I know that is an oxymoron but it makes sense in Maine. Yesterday we had a wicked beautiful five inches of snow. Today I am shoveling the slush caused by today’s rain and that is wicked bad. Looking forward to news about the summit at Meru. Kaitlyn and friends, I am sending mt poses your way… Used to boost you up onto the chair or into the car… Times have changed. Namaste to you and all of our new friends. XXOOMOM

  4. J’attends avec impatience le prochain post. J’espère que tout se déroule bien et dans la bonne humeur pour l’ensemble de l’équipe, guides et porteurs inclus bien entendu!!
    Des bisous.

  5. Sarah, all the best to you and your teammates as you ascend Mt. Meru to its summit.
    You are in my heart and my prayers.

    Cioci Mania

  6. Sarah, my girl, I rush home from school each day to check your blog. I am so awed by your accomplishments. I am so warmed by this undertaking. You are scattering the seeds of hope and world peace and amidst all of the chaos in the rest of the world…you are making a difference…and I thank you. I love to see you with the children at St Judes. You have forever imprinted on their hearts that there are ‘good’ people in the world, people that sacrifice and care and commit.
    Thank you…and know that our love is with you on this climb.
    Gods blessings to you and all of the Ladies of team 2011.

  7. Peak 2 AND for St Jude’s….amazing! Hope you are all enjoying it and best of luck tonight! PS Wach out for the baboons on the way down:)

  8. Dearest Lynnie: Anxiously waiting for news and views. Every second of seeing or hearing you sustains us. Love you.


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