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Day 12 – Together we will fight HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS support group

We woke this morning to the excitement of visiting our final organization, Support for International Change. After boarding the safari trucks, we headed to the Arusha branch of SIC to visit with the staff and learn a bit about their work in Tanzania.
We sat in a circle in the middle of a beautiful building and listened as the staff explained the history of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania, the current statistics, prevention methods that are taught, the testing procedures and how the organization operates.
It was rewarding to see and hear how much the 3 Peaks 3 Weeks challenge has helped SIC. Without 3 Peaks 3 Weeks, this organization would not have expanded into two branches and would not be able to reach the large number of people that it does today. The staff extended great gratitude to our team, the teams of the past and all of our supporters.

Songs and dance

After lunch,  we headed out into the field to visit a Saturday afternoon HIV/AIDS support group. The group was a mixture of men and women who belong to different local ethnic groups. We watched as they sang, danced and performed a short skit about the stigma that surrounds individuals who are HIV positive.

Ilk'i'dinga Village

After the group meeting we headed to the homes of four HIV positive individuals. We were able to see how the villages have responded and reacted to those who have HIV/AIDS. Many people choose not to tell their family or others in their village for a fear  of being stigmatized or possibly ousted from their homes.  The individuals who attend the support group know their status, but many do not always know the status of their partner or children. During the visit, some groups were able to hear the stories of how the person was handling their life with HIV, while others could not discuss the issue because family members were present.

Home Visit (laura, Lynne and Val)

We extended our thank yous and goodbyes to the families and headed back to the support group meeting area to receive a small gift of Maasai bracelets and necklaces. We then ended the day with a tug-a-war challenge between group members and the 2011 3 Peaks 3 Weeks team. Last year the support group dominated, but this year with the help of a few staff members from SIC and the muscles of our cameraman, Doug, we managed to win! The team was victorious and left happy to have had such a great day.

A fantastic day with SIC

This day was a real reminder that we have supported yet another great cause. We were left with the words from the group leader telling us to not forget SIC and to keep giving to this organization because the funding that has been provided touches hearts and impacts the lives of many people here in Tanzania. We are leaving relieved to help, but eager to continue to support such an amazing program.

We have been slow on posting during these past couple days, so please make sure you go back and read yesterday’s post, which has only been up a few hours.

Tuko pomoja kushinda ukimwi (We are together to fight HIV)!

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  1. Et encore un super update… Le SIDA et l’Afrique, 2 mots aujourd’hui malheureusement indissociables… Merci à toutes de participer à une lutte aussi importante, une lutte qui pour nous tous devraient être quotidienne!!
    Go Sis’!!! Je t’envoie plein de pensées positives (bon d’accord, en direct-live de mon canapé mais quand même 😉 ), repose-toi bien aujourd’hui et demain tu seras sur le toit de l’Afrique (enfin en route pour le sommet quoi!)…
    Des bisous!

  2. Thank you, Kaitlyn, for your beautiful update. I know that this cause led you to participate in 3^^^. It is a real eye opener to learn first hand about SIC and to see photos of some of the people it supports. Hopefully it will continue to grow and reach more people. HIV is preventable. Education and compliance are the keys to success.
    Love from all of us in chilly Maine. 2 weeks down and 1 to go! Yeah team. XXOOMOM

  3. Great coverage Miss Kaitlyn! This overwheming experience will take some time to realize the impact on your philosophy ,values and how you live your life.Keep you all in my prayers.Love ya ,Nana

  4. Courage les filles, parcours génial et vos photos dégagent tellement d’émotion, poursuivez dans le bon sens avec tous nos encouragements
    Plein de pensées pour toutes ainsi que pour vos porteurs, guides et autres accompagnateurs.
    NB : nulle en anglais et pa j’ai quand même ri avec la photo des “poulets” !!!!!!

  5. je voulais dire -pas à l’abri d’une erreur-, j’ai …….

  6. New event…A couple of geckos stopped into Kaitlyn’s room to try and sell her some car insurance. Little did they know that she hates creepy crawlies and once they saw her reaction, they left without a contract!!! Wish I could have been there. Thanks for a good laugh. Needed that. XXOOMOM

  7. Kaitlyn, thank you for the posting! Wow, one more to go… all have raised money for so many people to benefit. So proud of you!! Take care, Love, Darlene xxoxx


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