Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 23 January, 2011

Day 13 – Rest & Recovery

Son of one of the mama's we visited

Ahhh, a rest day. Most of us took the opportunity to sleep a few extra hours this morning, although some overachievers went for a walk or run through the neighborhood bright and early! After breakfast, part of the team headed to town for a little shopping, while the others stayed at the hotel for a little leisure time.

Those of us who went to town visited a Maasai market. We all got a chance to practice our bargaining skills and decided that the best strategy was to simply walk away and let them come after you. Even after all the bartering, we still came to the conclusion that we have definitely supported the Tanzanian economy today. On the bus ride back to the hotel, we shared our treasures, complimenting each other on earrings and scarves, and of course comparing deals. We were all excited to get many gifts for our family and friends who have supported us through this huge adventure!

Summit ridge to Meru

Today is our last rest day before we set off tomorrow to tackle the tallest peak in Africa. This final week is going to fly by, and we are already feeling that the end is near. However, our largest challenge still lies ahead. Many of the people we met yesterday who are living with HIV/AIDS are living with it as a secret, even from their own families. Their strength and bravery for joining a support group and sharing their lives and situations with us was overwhelming. If our greatest challenge is to spend seven days on a beautiful mountain and climb to the Roof of Africa, it will be the reminder of their courage and the support from one another that will get each of us to the top.

View of Kili from Meru

Many thanks to Ilboru Safari Lodge and their wonderful hospitality at the base of the mountain.

Want more?! How about a song from the summit of Meru. Click here for a youtube.

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  1. u make a surreal situation real, so very real. thanks kelly and here’s to restored energy.

  2. Hip Hip Hooray for you all! You must have met some incredibly strong women yesterday. I hope your last week will be as rewarding. Bon courage à toutes!

  3. This upcoming week is going to be ENORME!!!!! Keep your spirits high ladies! Charlotte we’re rootin’ for ya!!! You should do the Waka Waka dance on the summit! 😉

  4. Hope you are all enjoying a day of rest and as you set off for the final BIG one …really realizing how impactful all the hard work fundraising and the awareness you are bringing to these issues truly is. We are all inspired by you back home! Good luck on Killi and enjoy the last mountain together as a team!!! Brooke 3p3w09

  5. Jambo, Jambo Bwana, Habari gani, Mzuri sana… La vidéo est juste Awesome!! mais bien trop courte… et comme le dit quelqu’un dans un précédent commentaire, you should do the Waka waka dance ‘coz “the pressure is on, you feel it, but you’ve got it all, Believe it… This time for Africa!!!”
    Pensées positives pour tous dans votre chemin jusqu’au sommet et des bisous à tous.

  6. Awesome post Kelly!! You all looked so happy in the Mount Meru Summit Video. Hugs and Kisses to everyone. I am saving these posts to one day show my 10 month old daughter how brave all of you are. Love, from Abigail Higgins and her Mamma, Jenny

  7. Thank you, Kelly, for another terrific blog. I am so amazed that each post has been so well written and has included beautiful photos. Kudos to all of you for sharing your talents with us. It has really helped us to cope and to relish in your accomplishments. Best of health, strength and will on Mt. Kili. XXOOMOM

  8. Cant wait to see you, and my gift, Chris!… guys are amazing

    love from New Jersey 🙂

  9. i would put money on the fact that chris kassar was one of the running overachievers this morning!!! go conquer kili…..cant wait to talk to you once you are on the LAND

  10. savor the moment you all……we are praying for all of you ….and for all of the causes that you are climbing for… to all…..helen

  11. talking to you on saturday was just what i needed…its a mom thing to worry but i did have to stop dad from calling the emergency number…todays the big one .were excited for you continue to amaze us good luck and god bless all ofi love you chris you youve proven to us all that with a courageous heart nothing is impossible!

  12. I just clicked on the youtube link. Love the singing atop Mt. Meru. Great work ladies!

  13. Sarah,
    I loved seeing you and hearing your voice at the top of Mt Meru on YouTube!! Loved reading about your hike up #2 and the awesome weekend you had with the organizations you’re helping. I try to imagine how you must feel in their presence. It must be wonderful. I know you’ll do awesome on Kili…I love you. Blow Babci a kiss from me and tell her I miss her:-)

  14. )*(


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