Posted by: Laura Hartstone | 26 January, 2011

Day 16 – Onwards and Upwards

The team has made a massive ascent today, climbing after breakfast and only arriving at camp near dinner.

Women from HIV/AIDS support group

Most important perhaps is their enthusiasm, spirit and excitement to climb higher.

A few messages came through today. The head guide, Ema, reported that “all doing great.” Though this is  good news, it doesn’t  provide the details we are anxiously awaiting. The second guide in line, Paul, reported “Everybody at Baranco. Crazy Kili dance with porters and all very enthused about kesho (tomorrow).” Again, we may wonder if Paul has altitude sickness!!!

The guides/porters/camp crew do welcome the team every day in camp with amazing songs and dance. Paul is our lead in Kenya, and though he has joined us in Tanzania on a few accounts, the song and dance usually catches him off guard.

Luckily around 8pm a text from the team came in with the truth.

“It’s very cold but we love arriving to every camp with the guides and porters singing and dancing,”. Perhaps, Paul isn’t high on altitude as we thought!

Adventure International runs a good show and we are thrilled to have the team in good hands.

Did we mention the sponsors?

Dare2Be and Craghoppers for endless layers, jackets, ski pants, base layers, etc?

LEKI for trekking poles – our crutches on the climb!

Outdoor Research for gaitors, gloves and balaclavas?

Hi-Tec for boots made for walking?!

Fox River Sox keeping the toes warm on the hikes…

Skins…for essential base layers…

American Alpine Club for exclusive mountain rescue insurance….

A quick video from the team…

And MASSIVE thanks to all of the support!!

3 Peaks is possible because we have amazing companies and individuals helping support our teams.

Happy Australia Day to all of our followers in Strayla!!!

Climb on.


  1. Love it that the music and dance is even with you on Mt Kili.
    We also appreciate the contribution of the sponsors. We enjoyed our Australia Day, thank you.

  2. I must say that I’m impressed with every aspect of the organization of 3 Peaks, and I’m surely not alone in my admiration and gratitude for Laura Hartstone’s posting skills. As for the team, they’re off the map in toughness! Bravo à tous.

  3. Sarah-
    Just finally go to the blog and think it is amazing what all of you are doing! You have a fantastic team and all of you are a true inspiration to all women! Have a great climb up Mount Kili, and your friends in hp are all thinking of you! HIP HIP!!!!!!

  4. As there is no credit taken for this posting, thank you mystery person,( my alter ego)… I Dare2be thankful to all of the sponsors!!! You have all contributed to phenominal causes and everyone from trekkers to recipients are so grateful. Adventure International has a exceptional web site. (Check it out while you wait for the next post.)
    The photo in today’s post is great.. Don’t know how comfy their collars are, but they are as gorgeous as the ladies who are wearing them.
    And then that whacko video…Too many to be Tele Tubbies. So I decided that they are Munchkins transported from Oz..Popping out of the vegetation to help the team reach the highest turret of Kilimanjaro. In the crags are Ema (the scarecrow who has lots of energy and no fear), Paul (the tin man who must be oiled !!!.. to sing and dance with absolute eloquence.) and Simba (the lion who roars away the witches while he serves you tea.) Toto shivers in a backpack and Dorothy taps her ruby slippers reciting:” Can’t wait to get to the top. There really is no place like home.”
    Good to get away, good to go home. Love you Kaitlyn and extended 3^^^team.XXOOMOM

  5. Aw. I forgot to mention film director Doug. He would be (Victor Fleming) of 3^^^s on Kilimanjaro…Looking forward to seeing your final product. Watch out for owls.. I will spot them for you. XXOOMOM

  6. Great to keep up with the latest progress of the team and thank you to all the sponsors. We also enjoyed Australia Day but cold weather sounds quite good at the moment as we spend the day and night in very humid weather high 30 – 40 degrees celcius!!!! Take care girls and keep warm !!! Love and best wishes Tara from mum and dad xxx

  7. Congrats! If I am interpreting correctly, it sounds like all 11 made it up Lava Tower (15,190 ft), and back down to Barranco Camp (13,044 ft). With a net altitude gain of 2,690, followed by a net descent of 2,146 ft, we’re talking major acclimization! You are so ready!
    Hope everyone is feeling good, and that you can enjoy Thursday, a day with more actual climbing, as you conquer the infamous Barranco Wall. You may be on the Wall, right now. Will there be “Kiss the Wall” video? All the dancing sounds fun (Clip was great!), but probably past to keep it under wraps in that one section.

  8. Love seeing you all in action on YouTube!!! You’re amazing!!
    Love you Sarah Ruth!

  9. Love love love the Dare 2 be quick video you made. Keep the creativity, laugher and fun going all the way up to Uhuru Peak! Laugher is the best medicine!


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