Kilimanjaro – Pics

Coming soon!



  1. Morning Kinole.

    Unkie here.

    Why are there no good photies of you, just the other girlies? Get in front of that camera! You are the prettiest anyway!

    We will kep looking at the site and have told everbody in the world.



  2. My Dear and To All Of Your Friends, Congratulations! Wow! It is so exciting to follow your accomplishments and endeavors. I have loved revisiting places in my mind through your descriptions. Your Africa experience will enhance your lives forever. It is, after all, the “Cradle of Mankind”. I am sure you all feel a special connection, or you wouldn’t even be aspiring to do this. Take care of yourselves and experience wonder. Our prayers are with you. Love, Aunt JoAnne

  3. Hi Brooke,
    I am so proud of you and all of your amazing accomplishments.You are in our thoughts and we wish you and the 2009 team a safe and wonderful journey.Love,Aunt Bridget

  4. Brooke,
    Wow! what an accomplishment! Chris, Patrick and I are so proud of you.. it looks like it was really an amazing experience. Lots has happened since you left. I cannot wait to talk to you when you get home!! Have a safe rest of the trip…
    Patti, Chris and Patrick

  5. Hi Brooke,
    Laird told me that the Meru climb included horrendous weather. Great going to push your way through and bag that one! Now Kilimanjaro remains, and I am confidenthtat you and your team will will inspire eachother and come away with another victory for yourselves as well as the African people. Congratulations on all that you have done, and we can’t wait to see you in NY and hear about the whole adventure.
    Francine & Scott

  6. Dear Brooke,

    I’ve known you since we were 9 years old… I’ve never been so proud or impressed with you! I am emotional everytime I hear from you and read more about your journey. I cannot WAIT to speak with you when you get back!! I love you so much and have been with you in spirit, every literal step of this difficult and wonderful trek!!


  7. Hi Gretchen!

    Just wanted to let you know I’m so proud of you and all the great work you and your team has done. I know you’re having an amazing experience. Can’t wait to hear all about it and see the pictures. Good luck with Kilimanjaro! I have no doubt I’ll see on the top!

    Love ya,

  8. Hi Kinole.

    Had a text from your little sister today. She is confident that you will get to the top of that hill !!! Easypeasy and we think you will be one of the first to get there.



  9. Good luck with the last climb, Luce. Not that you need a motivational message from me – I’ve no doubt you’ll be grinning from ear to ear every step of the way! I can’t wait to see all your photos and hear all your adventures. It looks tough but so much fun. Sending you hugs across the world, Em x

  10. Hi Nicole, having a coffee with your mum as we speak and we are looking at the site. Keep going, we are all thinking of ya!

    Get in front of the camera more! 🙂

    Look forward to seeing the video when you get back!! 🙂

    Take care

    Love Rhonda


  11. Hey hi Luce!

    You are one amazing person. To read your and the team travels, trials and tribulations has been inspiring.

    Best of success as you knock of this last hill

  12. Off

  13. Hello Lucy, The Zonta Club of Canberra Breakfast is watching with awe and excitement, it looks fantastic.

  14. To Mara and the rest of the team –

    Two down, one to go. We’re in awe of you all!!

  15. Hi Yvette,

    Congratulations gorgeous on soldiering on and tackling Kili!! It sounds like your journey has been an interesting and eventful one, as well as inspiring and rewarding 🙂 I’m very proud of you, and I’m sure your Dad would be too!

    I hope the rest of the trip goes well for you, and I know you’ll make the most of it. Sounds like you managed to get a little fuzz therapy at least 🙂

    Lots of love, Amanda and Tinks

  16. Hey Gretchen! Had fun looking at the pictures and hearing the updates! Looking forward to seeing pics when you get back! Hope you’re having an amazing time! We’re thinking of you! 🙂

    -Megan & Alex

  17. Hello Toni,

    We have not spoken in quite some time, but I would like to wish you luck during your journey. Your cause is a noble one. Good luck and stay safe!


  18. Just stumbled across this site by chance… what a great idea and a great cause. Hope you achieve your personal goals and have a wonderful time on the three peaks. Good luck.

  19. Leah, We are so proud of you!!! What a challenge and you met it. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Have fun on the rest of your trip. The girls are having a hamburger party tonight!!! We’ll be thinking of you. Stay safe!!! Jean and Jim

  20. Congratulations guys!
    You should all be so proud of yourselves, you have all worked so incredibly hard. Enjoy the R & R wherever you are and revel in the memories of the past few weeks.
    Love Anna & Nick Brown

  21. Hi Ali how wonderful for you that you have succeeded to meet your challenges and acheive the goals you set out for yourself.Congrats

    Love Joy & Poppa Jackxx

  22. Hi Sweetie, Sounds like you accomplished what you set out to do and I am so proud. Grandma and I are in Lady Lake and thinking of you constantly. Enjoy your last days….the memories will last a lifetime. Love, Mom

  23. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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