Meru – Pics

Summit Meru

Summit Meru



  1. Rachel,
    The photos and updates are truly great. Please thank those posting the blog on such a regular basis. It is great to keep dainly contact with you. It is utterly amazing looking at the terrain you and the team are battling. Hope you are having an awesome time and that you are able to stay warm in those huts/tents.
    Love you-Mom and Dad

  2. Toni,
    That is a great picture of you – it is how I see you there – smiling, enjoying it all and holding your vision in front of you. Your Mom, Dad, brother, sister and uncle must be so proud of you. I know Angie and I think of you often and know this is an accomplishment and experience of a lifetime. You go Girl!!!!! Hugs around. Cindy

  3. Hi Rachel,

    I know you won’t read this right away as you should be getting ready to summit Kili right about now. Take this as a congratulations instead and know that everyone misses you and are so proud of what you are accomplishing. Can’t wait to hug you next week. I’m sure you’ll want many a foot massage and I’m there for you. Ciao bella! Raymi

  4. Toni!!!!!!!! You kick butt! I miss you so much and I am so happy you made it! I’ve been thinking of you everyday. Sorry I didn’t make it to Zanzibar but we will celebrate when we both get back to AZ. I hope you are having a blast!!!!


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