The 2009 Team

The 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Challenge selects a team of motivated women dedicated to the causes of the environment, education and health in Africa to partake in the 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Challenge. Each team member is passionate about the causes and cover their own expenses relating to participation. They dedicate over 12 months to raise substantial amounts of money for non-profit organisations in Africa.

In 2007 ten women from Australia and the USA completed the 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Challenge. In 2009 12 women will rise to the challenge. Stay tuned as we announce the 2010 team.  For those interested in being on the 2011 team, please visit our website;

2009 Team

Sam Hayes
Age: 27
Lives: Sydney

Mara Fox
Age: 23
Lives: San Francisco, CA
Toni Harris
Age: 26
Lives: Tucson, Arizona
Leah Hickman
Age: 22
Lives: Grand Junction, Colorado
Katherine Lynn
Age: 26
Lives: Denver, Colorado
Yvette McMillen
Age: 42
Lives: Canberra
Gretchen Meier
Age: 36
Lives: Los Angeles
Alexandra Murphy
Age: 20
Lives: Sydney

Nicole Plant
Age: 29
Lives: Bondi

Rachel Hager
Age: 31
Lives: Boulder, Colorado

Brooke Vaughan
Age: 27
Lives: New York City
Lucinda Watson
Age: 29
Lives: Canberra


  1. Best of luck 3 Peaks 3 Weeks 09! We are all thinking of you and will be cheering you on!

  2. Good luck.
    I am so excited for you all.All our prayers and thoughts will be with you.Have a wonderful time,support one another and enjoy every minute.
    Lots of love Kerry and Bruce Chick.xxxx
    I will add to that wonderful fundraising total.

  3. We are wishing each of you the very best! Good luck with weather and enjoy this adventure that you will remember all your lives.
    With love,
    Ron and LaNell Hager

  4. Wow, what a great group of women and I am so excited for each of them as they begin their journey together. Great job on the wordpress and we are keeping ourselves posted on the day to day events. Blessings to everyone – and special hugs to Leah and Toni – our AZ ladies!!!

  5. Great to hear that everyone has arrived and is excited to embark on this fantastic challenge! Brooke, we our glad that you are ok after your unexpected encounter with the giraffe. Many of your friends and sponsors intend to monitor the diary site daily and look forward to updates. To all the ladies: be careful and have a great adventure!

  6. Hello Brooke, Good to hear that all the girls arrived safely and are excited about this wonderful callenge, education and adventure. We were a little concerned when we heard about you unexpected encounter with the giraffe. Glad that it turned out ok. Your friends and sponsors intend to monitor the diary site on a dailly basis and look forward to updates. Love Always, Dad. To all the ladies: take care and have a fantastic adventure!

  7. Brooke,
    We are continually thinking about you and the adventure you and your team mates are encountering. Based on the video we saw, these peaks are a little more challenging than the ones in the Adirondacks. We now expect you to sprint up the ones in the Adirondacks with anckle weights! Stay safe and enjoy the adventure!
    Francine and Scott

  8. Hello Brooke! Glad to hear everything is off to a good start so far…despite your giraffe encounter! Thinking about you and the whole team. Good luck and be safe! Miss you! xoxo

  9. Hi Brooke!

    Reed and I are thinking about you every day – it sounds as if you have your hands full battling ants and giraffes, yikes! We can’t wait to hear the stories in person at the Interlaken Inn 🙂 We’ll be checking the blog every day so stay safe and have fun!!

    Sarah & Reed

  10. Brooke! I am so excited for you. I can’t wait to see all of your pictures and hear your stories! Keep up the hard work! By the way, did you really get in that airplane, Tropic Air? I’m TOTALLY impressed 🙂 Anyway, it sounds like you have a great team to climb with. Good Luck everyone!!

    I miss you back here in New York!
    XOXO – Sevy

  11. Hi Rachel,
    Hope the full moon guides your path to the summit for an awesome sunrise. Can’t even imagine the view, so hope that everyone has a camera clicking.
    Each of you is in our thoughts and we hope that you are amazed by what is all around you.
    Good luck.

  12. Brooke,
    Good luck on summitting Mt. Kenya!! I have only looked up at it while hunting in the foothills of the Abedares long ago near Nanyuki an Nyeri. I hope it has not changed much. Africa is a place that gets in your blood. I look forward to hearing all and seeing your pictures when you return. Keep up the good work, watch for giraffes, and have a Tusker (or two) for us.
    Francine and Scott

  13. Hi Luce,
    Great to see the diary working. Best of luck with the summit climb today- I hope those clouds part so you have the most awesome view. I am totally jealous! I’m missing you so much. I’m heading back to Dubbo next weekend to see Mel and her new baby boy Billy! Thanks for all the sms’s. Chat soon.
    Love always,
    Pete xoxoxo

  14. Hi Nicole,
    we are following your adventure with awe and pride,

    Lots of love from aunty Jean and uncle Bryan xxxx

  15. Katherine! It’s great to see you and the rest of the team make progress on this wonderful life adventure. The next time you summit a peak, remember what Mufasa told Simba in the Lion King, “Everything the light touches is our kingdon”….because Kat, everything it touches is your kingdom.

    Be safe!


  16. Nicole Plant.

    Unkie here! Hope all is OK. Looks like an easy peasy climb you are doing. Would it not be easier to take the lift?

    Anyway, Kinole, please ask Lucinda, Yvette and Mara if they would like to run away with me. I can accomodate all three if that’s OK.

    Finally, James wants to know if you can…you know what!

    Love & kisses to my fave neicey.



  17. PS.

    As if you did not know, you mummy thinks you are wonderful. As we all do.

    See you in August for the BIG WEDDING.


  18. Each one of you are an inspiration to so many. Hooray for you and your commitment to the causes and the people of Kenya and Tanzania.
    Good luck on attaning your goals and reaching the summits!
    Hug, hug, love and kisses to Leah. You make a mother proud!

  19. Brooke & all of the 2009 girls,

    Congratulations on Mt. Kenya! That’s a fantastic accomplishment! B – I got the full update from Chloe last night on your run-in with the giraffe. Only you would manage to head-butt a friendly giraffe within 24 hours of touching down in Africa!! Good thing you have a tough noggin’ – you gave everyone quite a scare!!

    Keep up the good work girls – one down, 2 to go!


  20. Hi Luce,
    Congratulations on concuring mountain number one! What a tremendus effort. Hope you are feeling ok and enjoy the rest while you can. Can’t wait till you are able to post some photos. Take care.
    Love Pete, Elias & George

  21. Hey Brookie! Congrats on getting all the way up there! I burst out laughing when I read about the giraffe and cant wait to hear all the stories from you when you get back! Why do these things ALWAYS seem to happen to you!?!?! Ok, I love you and good luck out there! Be safe!
    Love, Mel

  22. Hi Nicole!
    I hope you are well and enjoying the fantastic landscapes….what an adventure!! We are thinking of you.
    Have fun and take care.

    Oana and Robert

  23. Well done so far, Luce – hoping you are having a ball. Very excited to hear that you are in Arusha … if you get the chance to head out to the Snake Park just out of town, make sure you pat the kudu we rescued as a baby (I think it’s now called Forrest! or Esky, given that’s what we carried it in) and have a drink with Ma for us. It’s worth the trip… and enjoy the bakery near the round about! Can’t wait to hear all your adventures.. Love Ange & Forrest x

  24. Morning Kinole.

    Unkie, Joanne, James and Bobbiedog still thinking of you and your progress.

    Your mum says she will easily do the climb next year…(although she admits having troouble climbing the steps to your apartment in Bondi!).

    Your dad did not comment.



  25. Hey Luce, Tosh Szatow here, I used to live down the road from you guys on Marian st. Mum sent me the link to the site – what a walk! Good luck with it, will keep an eye out for the teams progress.

    All the best,

  26. Hi Brooke!

    We just wanted to say hello and how proud of you we are! It sounds like your trip has been challenging but that things are going well. We are excited to have you back in NYC in a few weeks!


    Jane and Justin

  27. Unkie!!
    I’ve seen what you wrote!
    Nicole will sort you out when she returns.

  28. Hi Luce,
    Love the photos. I agree with Andrew …you are a looker! Hehe. Hope you didn’t get too wet and can spend the next few days drying out and resting. I can’t imagine how hard it is, but i’m sure it’s so much fun too. Congratulations on Mountain #2.
    Thinking of you –
    Lots of Love,
    Pete, Elias & George xoxoxo

  29. Morning Kinole.

    Your mummy has told me off for sending ‘saucy’ messages. So I shall stop…

    Give my regards to the babes and I look forward to running away with them all!

    Hope you are having a good time. It will be soooo good when we see you in August.



  30. Keep your eye’s out for Peri Peri.

    I want bottles of it… cases of it.

    and, Im sure the extra weight to carry wont be a problem.

  31. Haysey,
    Lack of love to you on the website so thought I would drop you a belated good luck note (you have already smashed two of the mountains- one to go).

    All the very best with it all, I know you have done such a great job with all of the fundraising- you deserve it!

    Home in April for 2 weeks so looking forward to hearing how it all went…

    PS- PHAT camera!

    Lotsa love,
    Brenno and Lib xox

  32. Nicole,
    Thinking of you my lovely – all the luck for Kili – 2 down one to go, you can do it! So proud of you. Please let me know your plans in Ruanda, such an incredible country, scenery and people are awesome…
    Take care and look after yourself,
    xxx Zo

  33. Hey Brooke!

    It’s Molls and I and our parents have been keeping us updated on your excursion. You’re the first Vaughan to conquer Africa, but hopefully not the last! We can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about your adventure! Stay safe and try to avoid the giraffes.

    Bradie & Molly

  34. Brooke!

    I just got back from Costa Rica, where I climbed a lame little volcano named Cerro Chato in 2 hours…and then couldn’t walk for a week. I don’t know how you’re doing this!! Jon and I are so proud…hope you’re doing well and can’t wait to see you!


    Kelly and Jon

  35. Go get em tiger!

    you are probably sitting back sipping on a cold one by now! i heard you nailed the first two. hopefully the third will be OK

  36. Hi Luce,
    Just sitting back here watching the tenis in Melbourne’s worst heatwave ever! 44.3 today & yesterday and same expected tomorrow – a whole world away from you at the moment who will hopefully be enjoying a wonderful sunrise from the top of the world. I can’t say how proud I am of you, personally and for all the wonderful reasons you are doing it. I’m missing you greatly and can’t wait to see you. George got two more teeth over the weekend! Take care.
    Big hugs & kisses
    Pete, Elias & George

  37. Unkie, Joanne, James and Bobbiedog think you are wonderful.


  38. You are doing a great job Yvette. Keep it going. We check your progress regularly.

    You are missing the 38-40 degree heat waves in Canberra.

    See you soon!

    Ross, Narelle, Gina and Lucy

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  41. I am the guy who met you all in Mt. Kilimanjaro.

    Nice to see your site here!!!

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