2010 Team

The 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Challenge selects a team of motivated women dedicated to the causes of the environment, education and health in Africa to partake in the 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Challenge. Each team member is passionate about the causes and cover their own expenses relating to participation. They dedicate over 12 months to raise substantial amounts of money for non-profit organisations in Africa. In 2007 the first team, ten women from Australia and the USA, completed the 3 Peaks 3 Weeks Challenge. In 2009 another 12 women met the challenge.

Now, in 2010 the 11 women you see below are taking on the challenge and in 2011 another team of 12 women will attempt the feat.

2010 Team



  1. You women are extraordinary. The commitment, fortitude and passion you are displaying for this amazing challenge is awesome … and hugely inspiring! We are so looking forward to celebrating with you at St Jude’s. (Hope you got stuck into the Christmas puddings – great fuel for summiting!)

  2. You are all amazing. As a friend of Sarah’s, I am so completely inspired by her passion and drive to make a difference, which I know that you all share. I wish you all the best of luck and know that you will have an amazing experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your lives! You are all in my thoughts and prayers, and I can’t wait to follow your journey here on the website. What a great way to start the new year! God Bless!

  3. Hi girls just wanted to wish you the best of luck for the next three weeks. Have fun and take care. It is really amazing! Every day over there is unforgetable. Look forward to hearing your updates.
    Ali xx

  4. Hi Girls,

    Have a great climb and hope you all enjoy eachother and take good care of eachother. Good luck to you all, and if your in San Francisco ever please let my husband and I invite you to our home for dinner.
    Robin/Andy Bloch
    (parents of Sheridan)

  5. I am really excited about this year’s climb. Best wishes and God’s Speed Ladies!!!

  6. Congratulations to all of you courageous young women. Your dedication to the important concerns of environment and international co-operation is an inspiration to all of us who care but can’t make the climb with you!
    Good luck…we’ll be keeping up with your climb!

    Nancy and Richard Bloch (Sheridan’s grand-parents).

  7. Go Girls!!! Have a fantastic journey! I hope every day brings you as much light as the light you are bringing to many! I can’t wait to be there this time next year!! Looking forward to hearing the tales of your journey!!!

    Cat. (Team 2011) xx

  8. Ladies! I heard that you all have arrived in Nairobi and are having a blast! Rest up and enjoy each other, the first few days in Africa, the first of many Tuskers, and the first of many lifelong memories before you begin Mt Kenya. Will be thinking of you each and every day!

  9. I am so proud of you Sarah and what a wonderful cause you apply you life too. Great job to all of you! Best of luck!!! Love you Cousin=), Vanessa

  10. Hey Ladies,

    All the best for the journey and climbs… I’ll be looking forward to next year, when it will be my turn!

    Can’t wait for the updates….

    Charlotte (2011 3P3W Team)

  11. Girls, hope it’s all going steady! As I sit on my balcony supping a glass of vino at sea level, I’m recalling the (fond?) memories of Mount Kenya this time last year… hunched over hurling my guts up… I recall the beginnings of altitude sickness started at Day 2 for me. Praying its not the case for you…and if it is, oh my my you have my sympathy. Keep going! Thinking of you constantly.

  12. Talked to your mom Sunday morning, Sarah.

    Have a great time and enjoy the feat. Keep on climbing and enjoy God’s grandeur of the mountains!

  13. Hi girls, wishing you all luck and support as you undertake this incredible challenge. Thinking of you lots and lots especially Rach. You are AMAZING. I don’t know how you do it – I get puffed out walking up and down the streets of Sydney with a pushchair. Keep going and I am always with you up every climb. Sending all our love. Saskia sends a big hug and kiss for her god mummy too. Love you always, Corinne xxx

  14. Hello Sarah Winters Papsun and fellow climbers, We are so inspired by you and all your efforts to aid these wothy students in Africa. This is a lifetime achievement! You can look forward to checking off touching heaven from three different peaks. Good luck and go forth with renewed energy each day, ignoring sore feet and aching muscles!

  15. Hello Sarah, We found out that Dave leaves for Afghanistan on April 15th. As you know he is a US Marine and does Explosive Ordinance Disposal, so keep him in your prayers. Stay safe yourself!

  16. Hi girls, I hope all is going well I was with you for the mt kenya as a driver now i hear that you r thro with mt. meru….go go go girls u r almost through keep it up.


  17. Sarah Winter Papsun and Hikerettes: Sending love and energy your way. We have been flooded out here in California. Even the pool is overflowing! The rainy weather hasn’t stopped and we were on tornado watch at school on Tuesday with a mandatory lockdown until the storm let up. Tornadoes touched down in Sunset Beach and Costa Mesa! Crazy! We had to sandbag down at Quinn’s. Hope that your weather is cooperating! Take care and stay safe! Laura Brecht

  18. Tracie et al, congratulations on your climbs so far and best of luck with kili tomorrow !!

  19. Dear Sarah and all,
    You all have completed your 3peak3week
    adventure. Everyone is so proud of you. All
    that positive energy has seen you thru. Continued success in all you do in life. You are the angels among us. Soon you will flying home to your loved one. May everyone arrive safely.
    All the tears of happiness these three weeks will be outnumbered by the ones shed went you reach the open arms of your loved ones. Thanks again for all the good you have done. Godspeed.
    Love, Aunt Suzanne
    Sarah – Open arms await you Sunday at JFK.
    Bring Poppy a rock to!!

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