Mount Kenya 2010



  1. Go SARAH!!!
    The second I read the words in one of the first posts about spreading positive energy and the team’s moto of iBelieve, I knew you were already leaving your mark.
    We are so proud of you!

  2. WELL DONE LADIES!!!!! Cat xx

  3. jeanne, great to hear from you today. yall are all doing so fantastic! what a trip!!!love, nol and cleve

  4. Your doin great babe!!! I know your havin a blast, but remember the rules. Mish says hi and we both miss ya!


  5. Well done Belinda Sally on Mt Kenya!! We are thinking of you and the team all the way from Utah. I think you have had more snow than us! Stay strong and remember that:
    You are all amazing individuals.
    Miss you Sally and will speak once we are back on Australian soil. Lots of love Rosie & Timmo xx

  6. Go Sarah Your The Best!!

  7. 2 More to go, Jeanne! You can do it!
    ❤ Kristin

  8. Sarah, YOU GO GIRL! We are so proud of what you’re doing. Keep up your spirits and the pace 😉

  9. Way to go Girls! Sarah you can reach the sky!!

  10. Choir/Alto Sarah you must be so hyped. Good luck in the rest of your journey.

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